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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Mumbai, Maharashtra Mar 25, 2022 ( – World Holistic Network is a Conscious Marketing Agency that provides marketing, design, and technological services to spiritual business owners; particularly from healing, coaching, therapy, healing, and wellness domain. Over the past 3 years, World Holistic Network has served 300+ delighted clients with their business journey.

Their purpose is to help businesses become more conscious! Shift the core of the businesses from conscious capitalism to conscious service! This doesn’t mean you won’t make money. In fact, you could possibly make more money than before.  Shifting from conscious capitalism to conscious service is a paradigm shift, it means you will do all business activities with the single focus of providing your product/service as a mere medium through which the client receives it. You do not become the seller but the conduit through which the client receives the product or service. On the other hand, conscious capitalism is merely making money through conscious businesses activities, it’s an oxymoron – juxtapositioning a positive and negative word only makes the word neutral, unfortunately, many business owners believe conscious capitalism to be something splendid born in the 21st century. Capitalism is the curse that keeps us trapped, in reality, all resources come from the Earth! Yet, we need to pay for the water, the land, and all the other resources. Capitalism serves a purpose to allow exchange so nobody overuses resources beyond a limit, makes people value things. This also introduces the concept of scarcity and so, the unending strife and conflict in humanity continue. 

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World Holistic Network aims to connect clients with a higher purpose and restructure their business around it. They assist solopreneurs with sales training to reach out and close clients. Through Spiritual Marketing, World Holistic Network aligns cosmic energies in the ethe, the entrepreneur’s mindset and marketing in one cohesive effort for growth. Lastly, they introduce their Growth Quantum Leap Plans – three plans which provide a growth blueprint, strategy, and tools to grow business from a Small Business to Medium Sized Business to a Large Multi-million-dollar corporation. A nascent business must always focus on building awareness and generating leads. While growing one must focus on building customer loyalty, community building, maximizing sales, and expanding to diverse channels. Marketing for Coaches and Conscious Entrepreneurs requires a dedicated blueprint, rather than loose-ended efforts that exist on our faith.


As a Marketing Agency, they even provide numerous services such as social media marketing, search marketing, e-commerce marketing, performance marketing, website development, app development, landing page creation, marketing funnel development, lead generation, and marketing strategy consultation. “Over the past two years, more people have started looking inward for the answers. Consequently, we have seen more spirituality and wellness-oriented businesses enter the market.” Stated Harsh Shah, Founder of World Holistic Network.


To end on a beautiful note – If the purpose is at the heart of your business, marketing is the heartbeat. Together, they make the conscious entity called business. 

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