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Leveraging the power of data from BI to advanced analytics, Radixweb is changing the face of data acceleration through critically assessed data engineering and a protected data ecosystem.


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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Ahmedabad, Gujarat Mar 24, 2022 ( – “Data is the new oil. Speaking from a business perspective, data is such a standalone component that it can create both new streams of revenue and tech products”, says Dharmesh Acharya, COO, Radixweb, a global software development services provider. As one of the premier names in the field of tech transformation through custom software development, Radixweb, is a global market player, leveraging its increased capabilities in data and AI to deliver unmatched tech services.

Acharya adds, “We have been mindful in creating an AI and data powered ecosystem for ourselves, right from the time the world experienced a data boom. I’d say we didn’t have data monetization on our minds from scratch. Our focus was more on building a sustainable tech ecosystem for software developers and our clients through understanding their core needs.”

A recognized name in the field of IT consultation, crafting customized tech products, software development outsourcing, and DevOps services, Radixweb has already drawn indelible footprints across the globe. The pioneers of this business, however, accredit their success to acquire intelligence in the form of data analytics. Radixweb, as a tech partner, has enabled hundreds of enterprise digital transformation drives through proper insight-driven, real-time decision making. And in this process, the firm recognizes the need for modern analytics platforms because traditional ETL tools are gradually becoming redundant as they face a multitude of challenges in fetching and prepping data for analysis – a killjoy for time-critical business moves.

Radixweb recognizes the gripping need to implement high-performance ETL and BI tools on large data sets at a go, as businesses are generating enormous amounts of data every day. Being a proprietary data generator itself, Radixweb lays down three primal considerations that it has regimentally followed to accelerate its journey with data and analytics:

1. Prioritize first-party data: Third-party data is useful but expensive. In the case where every organization generates proprietary data, the focus should be on leveraging it to understand customer preferences. First-party data is specific to a firm’s user base and hence more accurate in terms of forecasting trends, building audiences specific to the user base, optimizing advertising spend, etc.

2. Determine your data mission: Every organization will have a different goal and the business analytics must be in line with it. The data mission is the first step of the transformational change which is bound by metrics like client retention, cost reduction, improving services, faster operations, etc.

3. Build a clean data infrastructure: One must recognize that there’s a limit to AI and machine learning; it delivers depending on the quantity and the quality of data. There’s a need to build trusted data sources before moving on from BI to more advanced analytics. A few things to be maintained in this regard are:

– A granular level of understanding of what proprietary data to record is necessary for data engineering.
– Recognizing that data engineering yields benefits step-by-step as the system progresses from BI to advanced analytics and then ML apps are crucial to avoid impulsive decisions.
– Testing and iterating data products on limited customers and integrating their feedback is a quintessential step to refrain from reworking before monetizing data.
– It’s crucial to develop a data-governance strategy for answering questions like where the data is stored, who has access to it, and how it is used.
– Simultaneously, it’s imperative to ingest sanitized data and have a certain data architecture that all kinds of data analysts can use it. The use of standardized data storage, taxonomy, and dictionaries is thoroughly followed.

As a people-focused organization, Radixweb’s business archetype is one that is all-inclusive. And when it comes to leveraging the data power, the organization is pitched at a uniform level to unanimously reap its benefits. Radixweb’s data transformation journey isn’t just limited to the C suite, but to every organizational level, that understands its necessity and accountability.

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