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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Mar 22, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – PixelPlex, innovative software development and consulting company, has shared an update on its Solana blockchain development services. Solana is a fast-growing ecosystem in blockchain and crypto technology. It’s a blockchain that enables more scalable and user-friendly dApp development. It’s among the emerging crypto solutions looking to make crypto networks more reliable and scalable. It utilizes a suite of smart technologies, including the novel mechanism, Proof of History.   

According to Solana whitepaper, the network can process about 700,000 transactions per second (TPS) with a Gb per second network connection. Its average transaction fee is also said to be far lower than the cost of other blockchain networks. The work of PixelPlex is to help enterprises implement this innovative network within their infrastructures. The aim is to enhance growth, help clients thrive in the open community, and amaze customers with faster and more reliable business solutions. 

Generally, the company’s primary goal is to bridge the gap between clients and decentralized tech. In developing Solana solutions, PixelPlex gives clients more blockchain options to choose from and a chance to achieve highly efficient workflows and lower transaction costs. It has a Solana software development team of experts for delivering enterprise-level consultation and development services.  

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As blockchain software development pioneers and early Solana blockchain developers, PixelPlex has helped hundreds of clients shine at upscale markets, gathered quite a tech treasury, and has tremendous experience in building industry and niche-specific solutions. Here’s what makes PixelPlex services stand out:

  • Solana-specific programming expertise: As early contributors of the Solana protocol, the development team can create solutions with Rust and C and C++ smart contract development.
  • High skills around Solana Ecosystem: The team has high knowledge and skill in DeFi infrastructures, wallet and exchanges development, NFT and NFT marketplace development, and Solana token implementation. 
  • Standard-based product protection: A good understanding of KYC/AML requirements, ID verification standards, cryptography, cybersecurity, and tokenization expertise. 
  • Cross-domain and niche knowledge: Ability to curate solutions for specific industries and niches such as banking and Fintech, healthcare, legal, eCommerce, as well as digital arts, Metaverse, and sharing economy.

PixelPlex provides outstanding Solana blockchain development services to B2B clients looking at a different way to get into decentralized tech. 


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PixelPlex is a fully-fledged software development and consulting company and a leader in providing enterprise-level innovative blockchain technology solutions, using Solana, Flow, and Ethereum. The company integrates its solutions with AI, IoT, and AR/VR.

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