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Jacob Baranski on Make a Great Living Doing What You Love

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Ontario, Canada Mar 17, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Have you ever heard the term: woodpreneur? Maybe you are one. The term itself is pretty self-explanatory: it has to do with empowering woodworkers to create their own businesses and thrive doing what they love: making beautiful things with wood. Jacob Baranski suggests The Woodpreneur Podcast, where each week, they interview wood makers, sawyers, influencers, carpenters, and six and seven-figure entrepreneurs on how they built their businesses and share their secrets to success. Whether you do this part-time, you’re a hobbyist, or you’re ready to open the doors to your woodworking business, this podcast is highly educational and informational. Topics range from how to finance your woodworking company, to discussions on working with different kinds of wood, to interviewing woodpreneurs on how they found success. It’s inspiring and empowers those who do their work out of the office and in the woodshed to get selling and get serious about their craft.

Jacob Baranski learned a few lessons about woodpreneurship, and why this field is growing right now. Especially since the pandemic, people are getting back to basics, and consumers are more interested in homemade, organic, and local rather than focusing on big brand names. And with the lockdown, many creative folks have picked up their oft-neglected paintbrush, guitar, or in this case, saw and sandpaper to get to work on doing what they really love. 

Everything needs marketing nowadays, even woodworking

With the fall of big, corporate conglomerates and the rise of more solopreneurship and small, craft businesses – everybody needs to learn marketing, now. Have you ever picked up a custom wood piece or a beautiful dining room table and thought, why is this so cheap? Why isn’t this on etsy? Or, why isn’t this selling for thousands in a high-end furniture or craft store? The answer is marketing. It’s all about who the woodpreneur is partnering with, how they’re getting their name out there, and how they’re branding their business, along with good quality, well-made items.

Investing in a basic marketing plan, hiring a marketing professional or implementing a social media strategy, getting a great name and logo in place, and selecting platforms where you know your customers will be, such as etsy and Instagram for example, is a great place to start when it comes to marketing your woodworking business. You make great work and want to get it out into the world – so making an investment in marketing, in the beginning, is a great way to find long-term success.

Keep up with woodpreneur trends

Just like fashion designers buy every single fashion magazine out there and go to fashion shows, so must woodworkers go to events, tradeshows and keep up-to-date with woodworking trends to stay ahead of the curve, while putting a spin on it with their own unique design, says Jacob Baranski.

Ways to do this and get new clients:

Set yourself up for success with a good workshop

When you’re ready to set up shop, it’s important that you have a good working space for your lumbar creations. Many people find that their spaces are too small when it comes to building and shipping out items. Nowadays, it’s easy to build workshops in your backyard (and if you feel you don’t have the space to build a big one, you can do two smaller ones side-by-side). You can also rent space if that’s a bit more in alignment with your living and working situation. You’ll also want to consider the noise level, will your neighbors be ok with the noise? You can work to soundproof the walls or go to a place where noise pollution isn’t a problem. Also consider: do you want to be doing your email, marketing, and client work here? What about shipping? It’s important to have dedicated workspaces for all – so you feel ready to go when it comes time to become a woodpreneur!

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