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Epoch Will Be Launching Soon

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Dallas, Texas Mar 15, 2022 ( – Whether you see them on social media, a video ad, your browser or simply come across them on a billboard while driving, NFTs are everywhere you turn. They have become the talk of 2022 and now you have an amazing chance to get in on the action. The creators of The Essential Coin are always looking for artists to be among the first to be listed on Epoch, their revolutionary NFT Marketplace. Epoch is set to launch in the upcoming days.  

About Epoch 

Epoch will be an advanced and innovative NFT Marketplace, accepting images, GIFs, video, audio, and even script as well. It will include unique features such as burns, discounts, staking, auctioning, and rewards in BNB. The creators of Epoch believe everyone should have the opportunity to display their inner artist without overpaying in gas fees of course. For that reason, Epoch will be launched on the BSC blockchain, making saving possible due to the low cost of fees! With minting priced at only a few dollars, along with all the other low-cost features that will be available, it will allow everyone to participate in the ever-growing NFT space. With their easy-to-use platform, users will also have the ability to buy, sell, trade, and mint NFTs. Now there will be nothing stopping you from showcasing your art and skill to the world! Epoch will be there to help and encourage the NFT artists of the future.  

Pros of Being Among The First Artists 

If you love what you’ve read so far about Epoch and the immense opportunity it will bring to artists, let’s get into what exactly that would mean for the first artists to partake in this amazing creation! Though it doesn’t sound like a big deal, just imagine the potential for the exposure it will provide to your collection. This means that even onlookers, those who aren’t looking to mint just yet, will come across your NFTs and be persuaded to buy if they fall in love with your work. Also, you will have an advantage towards potentially landing on the “Top Sellers” list, which would bring you additional exposure. Moreover, being among the first to utilize Epoch gives you the ability to also be one of the first to stake NFTs, if they qualify to use that feature. As you can see, those who make their mark first on Epoch will be set up to have the most potential for success. If you are interested in being one of the first selected artists, be sure to go to 

Bonus Announcement 

In celebration of launching their NFT Marketplace, The Essential Coin will be having an ESC Burn Party. The burn party will be taking place on March 17th on their Telegram, with burns triggered every hour for a duration of 4 hours. No need to RSVP, all are welcome. For further details, you can join them on Telegram, where they have a team member available at all times to answer questions.



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