Creative Biolabs First Season Announcement: Virus Antibody Catalog Updated!


(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Mar 14, 2022 ( – The COVID-19 epidemic has brought a surge to the study of viruses that cause severe diseases, which have long been one of the issues that threaten human health and the entire health community. Facing the serious situation caused by SARS-CoV-2, Creative Biolabs immediately took reactions and was among the first flow of companies to provide SARS-CoV-2 antibody products against many corresponding proteins and genes.


“Our productivity has grown,” according to a specialist who is responsible for product delivery, “and the products’ coverage also expands.”

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All types of virus antibodies provided are designed specifically for diagnostic or therapeutic research applications, covering the mainstream study on hepatitis virus, HIV, influenza virus, Zika, etc. Regarding diverse research objectives, Creative Biolabs also categorized its antibodies by isotypes, all of which are recommended to be selected according to applications, host species, and clones so as to locate the desired product efficiently and precisely, noted by the specialist.


* Primary antibody: immunoglobulins that bind to a specific antigen, such as a protein, peptide, or small molecule, which are applicable to assays like WB, ELISA, IP, IF, and IHC.

* Secondary antibody: binds to the primary antibody and is used for detecting, sorting, and purifying the target antigen.

* Isotype control: used as a negative control group to help differentiate background signals that are unspecific from specific ones. Conjugation formats to the primary antibody can be HRP, biotin, FITC, etc.

* Pseudovirus: crucial for virology study with high safety and versatility, which is produced by co-transfection 293T cells with packaging vector, reporter vector, and a plasmid expressing particular proteins of the virus.

* Pseudohost: a stable cell line for specific receptor expression, which is used to detect neutralization antibodies and anti-virus entry inhibitors and assess a vaccine candidate.


“We also help develop or engineer antibodies against the specific virus,” said the specialist, “if we do not have a corresponding product in stock or clients may have special requests.”


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Creative Biolabs is a CRO with specialties in antibody production and engineering. With practical experience gained through various antibody-related projects during years of exploration, Creative Biolabs has established a center storing antibody products against miscellaneous virus types and gained the ability to quickly deliver the result of a custom antibody development order.

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