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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Montgomery, Alabama Mar 11, 2022 ( – Faith is the only thing that keeps people going in the most difficult times. It brings out the hidden courage and potential in humans helping them overcome the hurdles in life. Millbrook, Alabama-based community-focused My Shared Faith offers free products for community-focused non-profit organizations. Charitable giving has always been a part of their business model. So, they are aiming to donate in a way that aligns with their mission.

Their community had been through drastic changes due to the worldwide pandemic that created challenges for both retailers and nonprofits. The company aims to help the ones who have experienced major financial, emotional, and spiritual distress due to Covid-19. They are currently donating in-kind gifts to selected non-profit organizations all over the country. Starting from March 1st, they plan to donate 5% of their profits to a charity of their choice every Wednesday. The organization they donate to will be selected based on their impact on the community.

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The company has a solution for the community going through a tough time. First, there will be a meeting where the matter of in-kind donations based on available inventory will be discussed. The company will offer product fundraising opportunities to maximize community outreach until the remaining product is exhausted. The organization whom they work will keep 40% of all net sales. My Shared faith liquidates new products every month. The fundraiser can be a one-off event or ongoing based on product availability. They are always in need of volunteers and they encourage people from the community to join them.

My Shared Faith is a subsidiary of Godzway, Inc. that liquidates its products through various outreach efforts. Their products are the perfect gifts for those who need a word of encouragement to go on in their life. The gifts are packaged beautifully and have a written message that says that they are sharing their faith with the one receiving the gift and praying that that token will assure them that they are never alone. Any organization that signs up for their My Shared Faith Cares program as a member will receive a free gift to share with a needy person in their community. For more information, visit

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