AI-Powered Testing Platform BigShift Builds Smarter Exams for Standardized Test Administrators

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Toronto, Ontario Mar 9, 2022 ( – BigShift, a cloud-based testing platform powered by artificial intelligence, has announced plans to offer its testing solution to Canadian organizations. BigShift uses machine learning to help test administrators and educators optimize their standardized test questions, improving the effectiveness of their exams.

To assess the quality of a test, BigShift applies its technology to a large sample of exam takers of a particular test. The technology analyzes, in real-time, how students cope with the test, for example, which questions are taking the longest to answer, which questions are being answered incorrectly, and which questions might be “too easy” if answered correctly by an unusually high number of people. BigShift then automatically reprioritizes the remaining questions to adjust the difficulty level and topics covered within the test.

BigShift’s cofounders, Nguyen Tran Mai Thao and Nguyen Khai The, each have extensive experience in training and development, management, and organizational behavior within major international corporations. While BigShift’s technology can be applied to any industry, its founders envision fields like medicine and law, where students receive many years of post-secondary education and sit for multi-stage exams, as prime examples of where AI-based testing would be beneficial.

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“It’s difficult to assess a person’s knowledge about a complex topic in just 200 or 300 questions,” said Nguyen Tran Mai Thao, chief executive officer of BigShift. “Our platform helps organizations who create standardized tests make the most of those limited number of questions and adapt their exams in real-time. Our technology builds better tests.”

BigShift’s platform will be sold as subscription-based software. The software will include advanced analytics and insights into students’ capabilities, enhanced data security, and administrative support. For more information about BigShift’s testing platform, visit

About BigShift

BigShift is a cloud-based testing platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Its founders and executive leadership team hold extensive international experience in management and organizational behavior, training and education, marketing, and business development. Based in Canada, the privately held company provides adaptive analytics based on machine learning to help test administrators build high-quality, challenging exams. To learn more about BigShift, please visit


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