OnWings Brings Travelers’ Preferred Personal Care Products to Their Hotel Doors With On-Demand Delivery App

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Toronto, Ontario Mar 8, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – OnWings, a new, on-demand delivery service for travelers’ personal care and beauty items, has announced plans to launch its service throughout Canada and Europe. The service allows business and leisure travelers to conveniently order their preferred full-size personal hygiene products to their accommodations prior to their arrival via OnWings’ free smartphone app.

Because of the restrictions placed on liquids and aerosol sprays in carry-on luggage by airport security, travelers often need to leave their favorite personal care products, like lotions, shampoos, and hairsprays, at home. Then, they must either spend time shopping at a local store upon arrival to purchase these items, or rely on the basic products provided by their hotels. Many people have allergies or sensitivities to those products, making their stays uncomfortable or potentially harmful.

“We created OnWings so visitors can travel light without having to sacrifice the brand-name products they love,” said Mohammad Mahdi Ariya Azad, chief executive officer and co-founder of OnWings. “Our team is delighted to help business and leisure visitors alike enjoy a more convenient, comfortable stay.”

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OnWings was developed by a team of executives with extensive experience in management, business development, and supply chain logistics. The company is currently actively seeking trade partners to join its global network of providers, including retailers and distributors of personal care products, as well as logistics partners such as delivery and courier companies. The service will focus first on North America and Europe with future expansion plans in additional continents. 

Travelers will be able to browse the online product catalog and place orders on-demand at any time in OnWings’ free app. The personal care products will then be delivered to the guest’s accommodations around the approximate time of their arrival. The app and its logistics platform are currently in the final stages of development. For more information about OnWings, or to contact the company about becoming a product wholesaler or logistics partner, visit www.onwings.ca

About OnWings

OnWings is an on-demand delivery service for personal care and beauty items that allows travelers to conveniently order their preferred, full-size personal hygiene items to their accommodations prior to their arrival. The service is supported by a free app and a global network of product retailers, wholesalers, and logistics companies. OnWings’ executive team is comprised of business leaders with decades of management, sales, and supply chain experience. For more information about the company or to sign up as a retail or delivery partner, visit www.onwings.ca.


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