The Skred and TwinLife messaging services join forces.

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Skred, the first European-based global messaging service, now has 15 million activated accounts.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Nova Kakhovka, Khersonska Mar 4, 2022 ( – Skred, Europe’s leading messaging and communication app with 10 million users merges with TwinLife which, under the TwinMe brand, has 5 million users. The two messaging services already shared the same core technology developed by TwinLife. The group now includes 15 million users worldwide with a new user being added every 10 seconds.

Skred and TwinLife share the same technology: full peer-to-peer. This means that when two users exchange data, their data are not stored on an intermediate server maintaining communication between the two terminals. Peer-to-peer makes each person communicate directly with his/her counterpart.

As a result, end-to-end encrypted high-definition voice/video calls, text conversations, newsgroups, and unlimited file exchange (including video and music) leave no trace on the network.

Skred, by its technology, has no access to its users’ exchanges, unlike conventional messaging systems whose intermediation servers answer to foreign legislations and offer no real guarantee of confidentiality. This is zero-data technology.

Moreover, the user does not need to register any email address, phone number, or user-id; no personal information is provided to use the service. Identifty is protected.

Skred and TwinLife share the same philosophy: freedom of expression by secret communications. 

Moreover, Skred is very energy efficient as it uses peer-to-peer technology which requires no storage servers, and as a result, it is a zero-carbone technology.

How can you be willing to accept that in exchange for a service, your conversations can be intercepted and possibly used maliciously? How can you be free if you are at risk of being spied on? It was about time that Europe proposed an alternative that respected its laws and values. This is what Skred is all about and it’s already a worldwide success state Pierre Bellanger, founder and president of the Skyrock Group at Skred. And to conclude: The connection with TwinLife and its talents amplifies our dynamics. This joining of forces and ambitions further accelerates our common mission.

As for, Michel Gien, co-founder of TwinLife and now deputy CEO of Skred, adds: Unlike other communications services, Skred and TwinMe don’t manage people, rather we manage relationships. The relationships, created by a QR code exchange, are personal; they cannot be transferred to a third party; they can be deleted by one of the parties at any time; they are the digital counterpart of the physical relationships that we establish in real life.

It is thus possible to have several relationships with the same person, one professional and the other person, for example. Relationships can be temporary and associated with transactions.

Skred and TwinMe are available worldwide for free in 22 languages on any iOS and Android device.

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