Vending Machine NFTs Sell Out $930,000 in 11 hours

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Mar 2, 2022 ( – Vending Machines NFT

What if we told you that every time we make a sale, you keep a cut of the profit? That’s what our NFT project is all about: Passive income. You make more while effectively investing less, and we’re going to prove it to you in this article!

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Tokenomics: Give More, Get More

Our NFT project is, and never will be, just about the money. While we believe that NFT creators and investors should be rewarded just as fatly, creating a meaningful community with real utility is our mission.

For this, we have set our mint prices at just 2 Avax for every VMN you mint. The moment you mint, you will be eligible to earn rewards along with getting a shared 10% from mint sales.

We have 1.5% on rewards which will be shared among holders. In order to tackle the lack of a marketplace (since Avalanche doesn’t have one), we’ve created our own. These royalties will be shared by the holders.


Why Invest In Us? Metaverse Mafia

We use 30% mint sales for the betterment of our own Metaverse in the blockchain. What’s in it for you? Land and opportunities.

Think about it, the metaverse is bound for success. All that matters is who will succeed, and safe to say blockchains like Ethereum are bustling with competitors? But we are the pioneers of a metaverse on the Avalanche blockchain…better get a good hold of this opportunity while you can! We will also be providing VMN holders priority access to future NFT items along with land in our virtual world.


Ravishing Rewards and Creating a Sense of Community

Did we mention the free NFTs that will be Airdropped to you? Or the rank system we are creating based on your purchases? How about allocating 10% of our minting revenues to build schools for our very own community?

All that and more! In all, you’ll be our angel investors, and we’ll handle the rest. You are also making the world a better place, so kudos to you!


Our Roadmap

Q4 2021

  • Launched 4444 Unique VMNs on the Avalanche blockchain …
  • Got a website, active on social media, marketing campaigns up-and-running
  • Execute smart contracts on AVAX Blockchain and started building our marketplace …

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

  • Test runs of our Metaverse, releasing infographic videos and materials
  • Integration of NFTs into the Metaverse and giveaways of Free Airdrops to VMN Holders
  • Develop $VMN coin Tokenomics, staking and farming, forming a DAO
  • Install Vending Machines in the Metaverse to sell consumables
  • Distribute plots of land to VMN holders from our own Metaverse


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