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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Feb 28, 2022 ( – These days, attorneys specialize in many areas but here’s a niche you may not have heard of – life insurance lawyer.

There aren’t a lot of life insurance lawyers, but Benjamin Blakeman of Los Angeles is one of them. As the name implies, he specializes in life insurance issues including litigation against life insurance companies. 

“It’s an important field because there are so few us of specializing in it,” said Blakeman. “People who have trouble with the life insurance payouts typically have few options available and really need help.

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“What makes Blakeman so different from other life insurance lawyers is the fact he understands the insurance side of the equation quite well because he made his living selling life insurance for seven years. He’s helped many people since he started specializing in the area.

For example, one woman was living in Idaho with her boyfriend, who changed his life insurance beneficiary from his mother to her. He took the paperwork to the insurance company, but the agent neglected to file it. When the man died, the insurance company paid his mother rather than the girlfriend. So, they sued the insurance company and the woman got the money.

Another time, a man changed the beneficiary on his policy from his nephews to his grandson who then started paying the premiums. The grandson and nephews all went together to the insurance company’s main office to sign papers transferring the policy ownership. Five years later when the man died, the insurance company discovered there was a mistake in the paperwork and a signature was missing. Consequently, the insurance company said the nephews were the real owners of the policy despite the fact the grandson had been paying the premiums. So, the grandson sued and eventually got the money owed to him.

“When people have trouble with life insurance companies, they often think it’s hopeless,” said Blakeman. “Because I’ve got experience selling life insurance, I understand it perhaps better than any other lawyer.”   

Born in New York City but raised in Florida, Blakeman earned his law degree from UCLA Law School. After passing the bar, he opened his own practice, and eventually, much of his work was in real estate litigation. In 1999, when his primary client died of a sudden heart attack, he didn’t have enough work from other clients to keep the office open. So, he started selling life insurance and was quite good at it. During the height of the real estate boom, he had an opportunity to get back into practicing law. Then, after the real estate market bust in 2008, he branched into life insurance litigation. He started advertising as a life insurance lawyer and soon had plenty of clients. He takes on clients who have been wronged and for whom a remedy already exists in the law. But if there’s not a remedy, he says often there is “one we can create.”

“I like trying to find a way to win a case that no one has ever done before,” he said. “That’s what’s really satisfying.”

Blakeman still sells the occasional life insurance policy, but primarily advises people on life insurance these days. He recommends people keep all their policy paperwork in a safe place. He also recommends people read the statements the company sends each year, pointing out there is often important information people need to know. Along the same lines, he also takes on elder financial abuse clients, another area of the law with few attorneys practicing. “Life insurance litigation and elder abuse litigation are two separate areas,” he said. “Unfortunately, there’s a lot of overlap in the two areas. But I’m there to help people sort it all out.”

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