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Sydney Hildreth

(Spin Digit Editorial):- Memphis, Tennessee Feb 27, 2022 ( – Paschal Construction was established in the late 60’s. Founder John Andrew Paschal started his construction business to service the black community. His work ethic gave him the opportunity to work with many employees with a hard-working skill set to match his.

During that time Mr. Paschal mentored his nephew, Chuck Hildreth. Chuck would work for the family business after school, in the summers, and again when he was home from college. He learned the importance of hard work from his uncle. After the passing of Mr. Paschal. Chuck decided to resurrect the business under the name of Paschal Construction LLC.  With his leadership, Chuck has established Paschal Construction Company as one of Memphis’s leading providers of construction services.

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Paschal Construction now offers inspections to Private Investors, Commercial and Residential clients as well as Rehab ability. Some of his most notable clients are the Fitzgerald Casino, Marriott Hotels, Progressive Realty, and most recently several Wendy’s Restaurant locations.

With so much success, the company has engaged in a new division, Paschal Project Management. This division will oversee the completion of certain projects. As Chuck would have it, he has brought on his daughter Sydney Hildreth as the new administration to head up that division.

Sydney is a recent honors graduate of the University of Memphis in Business Management. She will be responsible for the growth and management of the newly formed Project Management division. She like her father has been working for the construction site of the business part-time throughout her college years.

Her capacity has allowed her to learn and gain experience in this field. Serving as Administrator of the newly formed company, Sydney will breathe new life into an old business. For more information about Paschal Construction go to


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