MIKE’L has Given a Unique Experience to The Hip-Hop Lovers Through the Song ‘DOLLA$ FOR YU’

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With his brilliant effort to make a melodic hip-hop track, the artist MIKE’L has given one of the most accomplished songs of the hip-hop genre- ‘DOLLA$ FOR YU’.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Trenton, New Jersey Feb 26, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Upcoming music artist MIKE’L has come up with a melodic hip-hop track DOLLA$ FOR YU. The song touches the heart with its soft melodic rapping. The song witnesses the creative expertise of the artist eloquently. In other words, it can be considered as the best performance of MIK’EL. It draws the attention of the listeners to the core of hip-hop music through its melodic progression. The artist with his extreme prowess in the music genre has achieved a milestone that the other artists would follow. BY being liberal in his musical approach the artist creates a sense of ecstasy for the listeners to enjoy.

The background music of the song is groovy and melodic. The song despite its melodic dressing is not bereft of the hip-hop quirks. The song music uses electronic instruments and digital beats. And the combination of both elements has been done with utmost congruency. Moreover, it is his enchanting voice that goes with the melody of the song seamlessly. Having incorporated his passion and dedication for music the song has achieved a high degree of accomplishment. Not only this song but there are also some other tracks that have made the listeners so mesmerized. Songs like STRAWBERRY TANQUERAY, EYES, and LAMENT are some of his most praised and loved songs.

 The passionate balance between hip-hop and melody is felt throughout the song. The integrity of rhythm and beats is impeccably strengthening the base of the song. Rap that is lyrically rich, musically sound, and creatively lofty becomes the x-factor for the song. The style of speech of the artist is unique, which stands him out in the crowd of upcoming music artists. Above all, it is the subject matter of the song that gives the song a rich and rounded figure. It is lofty and ambitious. It speaks the heart out of the artist. Hence, he also proves his caliber as a good songwriter too. So, listen to his song ‘DOLLA$ FOR YU’, as the song serves as a unique experience to the listeners. The song is now streaming on Spotify. At last, to acquaint with his musical realm, follow MIK’EL on his official Instagram account.

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