“Reincarnated Picasso” Donates Proceeds from Fine Art NFT Auctions to “Freedom Convoy” Defense and Other Worthy Causes

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Nuevo Pablo

(Spin Digit Editorial):- Ottawa, Ontario Feb 23, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – French-founded management firm, 112 Artists, announces a new relationship with international breakout artist, “Nuevo Pablo”, a man once heckled for openly sharing past-life memories as the famed Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso.  As it would turn out many jeers have been silenced since Pablo’s fine art became featured in galleries.

Nuevo Pablo has been described as an impressionistic artist with a flare for romantic colourism and neo-fauvism.  Although the moniker is clearly a pseudonym for the reluctant and brush-shy artist, the piece entitled “Self Portrait” does uncannily resemble the 20th-century painter.  

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Pablo identifies as French but says “there’s a little Italian and Spanish in there as well.”  The artist adds, “It’s not important to me if people believe in my past life memories.  What matters is if I can help the world be a better place.”

At a chance meeting at a coffee shop, Patrick O’Ryan, a head-hunter for the firm, ran into the artist and asked if he would consider creating a series of 22 pieces commemorating The Canadian Freedom Convoy and donating the proceeds to a defense fund for protestors who were arrested.  “Pablo was elated with the idea”, said O’Ryan, “not just because of his French-Canadian heritage, but because it was an important way to support freedom of speech.”  

O’Ryan clarifies that 100% of the proceeds go to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, a charitable legal organization representing the Convoy.  “Neither 112 Artists nor Nuevo Pablo receives any profit from the collection”, says O’Ryan. 

The Freedom Convoy Collection became available late February 22, 2022.  O’Ryan adds that because the purchase of an NFT is with cryptocurrency and can be accomplished with quasi-anonymity, it is a good outlet for altruistic philanthropy because it allows someone to contribute without fear of being doxxed, canceled, harassed, or even the funds being seized by bad actors.

O’Ryan says Pablo has other philanthropic-based collections in the works including a ten-piece entitled La Honte’s Wall of Disgrace of which also 100% of the proceeds go to helping upend and give aid to victims of human trafficking. Anyone wishing to support Nuevo Pablo Art can find other collections listed at NuevoPablo.art and on OpenSea.io.  Inquiries can be made through the contact form at 112Artists.com.

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