EMF Alarm Device Alerts Patients With Pacemakers and Medical Implants to Potential Harmful Electromagnetic Interference

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Toronto, Ontario Feb 15, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – EMF Alarm, a new device that alerts people with pacemakers and other lifesaving medical implants of potential interference from nearby electromagnetic fields (EMFs), has announced its product to Canadian markets. The wearable device is now accepting preorders for its breakthrough product from patients and caregivers across the country.

Electromagnetic fields can interfere with life-saving medical devices like pacemakers, cardiac defibrillators, deep brain neurostimulators, spinal cord stimulators, and insulin pumps, causing disruption or potentially stopping the devices from operating altogether. Common technology such as cell phones, digital media players, security and anti-theft devices, and even microwave ovens can all potentially interfere with pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs). The wearable, battery-powered EMF Alarm device notifies patients with sound, light, and vibration alerts when they are too close to an area or another device that is emitting strong EMF waves.

“As the senior population continues to grow at a rapid pace, along with the prevalence of comorbidities like cardiovascular disease and obesity, the global pacemaker market is expected to boom within the next several years,” said Haitham Sakr, chief executive officer of EMF Alarm. “We’re pleased to bring our product to North America at an opportune time, and we are proud that EMF Alarm will help in keeping the rising number of patients who receive life-saving medical implants safer.”

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EMF Alarm was designed and developed and is being tested extensively now. Its founders are planning to launch the product in Canada. The company’s founding team holds years of progressive experience in cardiology, product development, engineering, and medical sales in the Middle Eastern markets.

EMF Alarm can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or keychain and is available in several colors. As the company completes its research and development process with the final product design, EMF Alarm is accepting pre-orders throughout Canada. For more information about the company, its product and life-saving benefits, or potential partnership opportunities, visit https://www.emfalarm.ca.

About EMF Alarm

EMF Alarm is the maker of a wearable, battery-powered device that alerts patients with pacemakers, implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs), and other life-saving medical implants when they have encountered a high level of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or energy waves that can potentially disrupt or halt the operations of their critically-important devices. EMF Alarm is developed and extensively tested by a truly international team with extensive experience in cardiology, engineering, product development, and medical sales. Available in multiple configurations, the product is available for purchase at https://www.emfalarm.ca.

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