Cinema8 Brings Innovative Video Creation Tools, Offers New Interactive Power to Promotional Campaigns

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Cinema8 Brings Innovative Video Creation Tools, Offers New Interactive Power to Promotional Campaigns

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Feb 22, 2022 ( – Marketing has grown by leaps and bounds with the arrival of videos as a tool to influence and engage with customers. However, conventional video editing and video creation tools leave much to be desired. Giving them new power is Cinema8, which has come up with the next-generation marketing tools with new features and interaction abilities, going beyond merely watching videos while advertising their products. This unique application has several features that make it different from the other video editing tools.

A few years back, most companies relied on SEO or customer-to-customer interaction for advertising their products or letting the audiences know about their niche. Now, as marketing tools and technology have advanced, there are several ways available to share product news with customers and help them know about them better.

In order to convert a potential client into a customer, the firms need to do something extraordinary to make the people have a unique experience. Thus, these conventional ad tools don’t provide a personalized experience to them,” says a spokesperson for Cinema8.

Cinema8’s video creation tool has those perfect next-generation features to make a personalized interaction possible with people. For instance, the immersive, 360 degrees Augmented Reality videos that are perfect for many sectors like real estate, automotive, etc.

An easy to create video AI makes the product a code-free software; so there is no need to memorize those complex codes. With Cinema8, now firms can also make gamified videos, which their audiences have never seen before. Add games and interactions to the ads, and let the customers feel an immersive experience!

The world of marketing and advertisements has been using videos to reach potential customers for many years. However, reading the thoughts of potential buyers about content is a difficult process. Thanks to the active Cinema8 video technology, you can now quickly add new words to the main menu by using these videos and learning about your product.

Data collection is yet another awesome feature. Cinema8 integrates video and data collection processes and makes your survey processes more efficient, thanks to the complete set we can create. You do not need to spend time on 2 different activities.

Fun and interaction don’t stop here, as one can even get surveys done via the video itself. Moreover, instead of relying on sending long essays and documents to the customers, businesses can easily send interactive videos to help the customers gain a hand-in experience. Also, those times are gone when people used to tick or cross those boring feedback forms. With Cinema8’s next-generation AI, businesses can create fun and interactive videos.

Businesses can also find about their audience at the Cinema8 meeting in the reports and apply it to your products and services. The data may be the crucial information of the businesses’ customers and they may add it to their product list, or it may be information about the development, suggestions, and requests for their products. This will direct them to what points your product should work on. Clients can easily find out if their customers have watched the entire video, how many times they have watched it, and where they have clicked.


Cinema8 has also helped several E-commerce websites to add a unique “add-in basket” feature to their videos. Now, the customers can add elements of a particular firm to their baskets and feel as if they are marketing in real life! Cinema8’s next-generation marketing tools are indeed taking the world of marketing to a futuristic level.

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