Promodex Starts Public-Private Sale On Its Own Launchpad

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Promodex a programmatic promotion marketplace is starting its utility token’s public/private sale on its launchpad.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Istanbul, Turkey Feb 21, 2022 ( – Programmatic Promotion Marketplace Promodex is starting a Public/Private Sale of its utility token $PROMO on its own launchpad.

What is Promodex?

According to statistics the more followers on social media the less engagement gets. 

So 20 medium inuencers having 1M total followers is much more eective than 1 mega inuencer having 1M followers. Then why is the inuencer marketing mega-centric? Because all process is the manual and not programmatic way. What if it is possible? That is what Promodex aims to do.

Promodex is a blockchain-based promotion marketplace aiming to programmatize the social media campaign with inuencers of any size (moreover followers). On Promodex, any brand, project, or company can launch a campaign. They will be locking platform utility token PROMO or any other token as a reward. They lter the language, social media platform, inuencer’s category, and Inuencer Score. Then matching inuencers will participate and get their rewards into their wallet as a token automatically. Rewards are algorithmically calculated according to their follower-engagement based Inuencer Score.

So campaigners can easily nd and work with a number of inuencers in a seamless way programmatically. Inuencers, particularly medium size inuencers meet with campaigners and monetize their publicity potential.

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Marketing and Launchpad Together

Promodex has unique functions in a programmatic way. On the Promodex platform, campaigners can create airdrop, bounty, and social media campaigns for their marketing purpose as well as launch a decentralized token sale oering for crowdfunding. Moreover, all these functions can be carried out for targeted proles according to language, geolocation, social media score, and more.

Now, Public/Private Sale time for Promodex.

If somebody wants to invest in such a promising project, it is not too late. The project emerged in 2021 and yet is moving to another step of the roadmap.

– Promodex started Public Sale Whitelisting Campaign on 5 January, is ending on 19 February 2022 (23.00 UTC). The whitelist will be announced on 20 February 2022.

– Public Sale will be held in 4 dierent rounds on 21-26 February 2022 on Promodex’s own Launchpad for the whitelisted wallets. In those 4 rounds of Public, Sale Promodex plans to sell 18M Promo for 378.000 USD by the price of $0.021.

– Promodex ran a successful “Gleam Whitelisting Campaign” and thousands of participants demanded to join the token sale.

100.000 USD tokens on each Public Sale 1 and 2 will be distributed equally (min. 5, 10 USD in a row) among all the participants whitelisted.

100.000 USD of the total allocation for Public Sale 3 will be sold to the top 5.000 leaderboards over 1.219th position.

78.000 USD of the total allocation for Public Sale 4 will be sold to the top 1.219 on the leaderboard of the public sale whitelisting campaign.

9M Promo for 162.000 USD of the total allocation for Private Sale will be sold to only Promodex Associate Inuencers and whitelisted inuencers by the price of $0,018 on 27 February 2022.

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