Recording Artist, Kelly Wright, Debuts his New Single “This Little Light”

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Rahway, New Jersey Feb 11, 2022 ( – Kelly Wright debuts his new single, “This Little Light.”Kelly is hoping to win the hearts and minds of the public with his upbeat melody song. How? He has a message of hope, love, peace, and inspiring people to embrace life. This song is a cross-over song with heartfelt lyrics. He wants the world to find their joy even through this horrific time. “Yes, the world is recovering, but we can still find this little light of understanding through it all,” Kelly says. . Kelly is expanding his repertoire of talent and interest with this newfound direction. 

Kelly continues on his journey in the music industry, making his debut in the Contemporary Gospel Jazz genre with his first album, “Believe,” released in 2005, featuring the hit song, “I Believe.” In 2019, Wright released “The Love Train” Album and a single with the same name, hitting the charts and spreading the word for people around the world to end the violence, hatred, and racism. Through his music, he strives “to create a movement that will champion the message of love, freedom, and peace,” Kelly says. Understanding that music will not solve the worlds’ problems or put an end to the problems seen worldwide, Wright hopes his message will inspire people to take even the smallest step toward loving one another. 

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As a two Emmy-Award-winning journalist, anchor, and reporter who brings the news every day on BNC (Black News Channel). Wright’s talent goes far beyond reporting the news and enlightening the world with jaw-dropping scenarios. As a storyteller, Kelly is a contributing author in the iconic book series “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” for which he contributed to “Tough Times Won’t Last but Tough People Will.” He shares his mother’s remarkable story of struggle and overcoming life’s challenges.

Kelly continues to let his light shine for the world to see his incredible love for mankind. Wright’s song can be found on Apple Music, YouTube, and other digital platforms. To learn more about Kelly Wright, his message of love, freedom, and peace, please contact his media relations. 




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