Bullish Deal: A Binance Trading Platform, where users can trade 24/7 automatically.


(Spin Digit Editorial):- New Delhi, Delhi Feb 8, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Bullish Deal is the most distinctive A.I. Bot, designed to facilitate safe cryptocurrency trading with minimal effort. Based on history, Bullish Deal has helped its members to gain profit growth, and every month it expectably provides a 5-20% return. The system used in the Bullish Deal crypto AI bot is based on smart technology, as there is a highly-qualified development team regulating the decision-making and ensuring automation in every operation. 


All the operations done within the platform are monitored carefully before execution, and all the trades that occur are selected after proper introspection for ensuring only upward growth in profit. The platform is much more secure and efficient than the government bond yield. So, the Bullish Deal crypto A. I Bot is the best solution for newcomers to the cryptocurrency world and for busy professionals who want to invest their money in blockchain but do not have enough time and sufficient knowledge to invest. 

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Significant Features of the Bullish Deal 


Bullish Deal provides the security of long-term passive income to its users. It assembles the best A.I. based utilities, due to which they offer many distinctive features, like:



  • Operate Copy-trading 24/7


Through copy-trading, users can follow the top currency trading deals. It facilitates automatic trading and ensures a 24/7 profit without making any effort. 


  • Spot trading


The Bullish Deal crypto AI Bot facilitates all its trades on the Binance spot market.

Auto opening and closing deals. 

Users can also launch their bot for trading with the Bullish Deal’s default configuration. All the options are automatic, so all the bullish deals open and close automatically as per the info encoded in the systems. 


How do robots work on a bullish deal? 

All the Binance trades and spot trades occur automatically via robots. These robots are encoded with highly customised algorithms. So, robots can monitor the fundamentals of the token and can make trading decisions by themselves. These robots only trade in the top-listed coins in the marketplace. 


Users can also make additional income via referrals. They can earn up to 70% of the referral fees by inviting traders and investors through their referral codes. Users also receive a percentage of the referral’s earnings as long as they use Bullish Deal instant payouts. This strategic approach provides another additional earning opportunity to its users. 


How to Begin Using Artificial Intelligence Trading on a Bullish Deal?


 The activation of the AI trade on Bullish Deal consists of three major steps. These are:


  • Step 1: Create an account by using a referral link.


  • Step 2: Connect your Binance account’s API keys with the Bullish Deal account. 


  • Step 3: To begin trading, add your balance.


The initial minimum deposit is $100, but only for one pair and one multiplier. So, the Bullish Deal is an unprecedented quaint approach to generating passive income at a very reasonable cost, and it is the best option for those who want to trade but are unable to do so due to a busy schedule.

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