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ACL Mobile Limited is a leading communications platform provider enabling enterprises to communicate with customers over multiple channels: SMS, Voice, Email, and WhatsApp API Solutions.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Noida, Uttar Pradesh Feb 7, 2022 ( – ACL Mobile Limited is a leading communications platform provider enabling enterprises to communicate with customers over multiple channels: SMS, Voice, Email, and WhatsApp API Solutions.

If you’re looking for the best marketing automation platform to talk and engage with your target audience, then look no further than Sinch. Unlike other mobile solutions, this provider offers you scalability, top-notch support, high performance, and a robust communication platform through which you can overcome new challenges, pursue excellence and maximize your sales.

In recent times, people have moved onto social handles for interacting, engaging as well as purchasing products and services, and with Facebook having more than 2 billion active users, Instagram with 800 million, and Whatsapp with 2 billion, this offers you the ideal omnichannel communication platform that puts you in direct connection to your audience.

This also allows you to use various available applications and features to tailor the best solutions and plans to fit your needs while working with them.

Start top-quality conversations with Whatsapp solutions.

Whatsapp has two billion active users. Sinch can help you use this popular platform to connect with your users from around the globe. You can now easily reach your customers with a Whatsapp business account no matter where your customers are located. Sinch also has a quick and easy integration and hassle-free onboarding process that you and your customers can use.

With Sinch, you can use a Whatsapp chatbot integration to boost campaign performance, send products, brochures, services, new offers, and sales, and gather information with Whatsapp business metrics to better understand and engage with your users. This company also offers you a backup plan and makes sure that your message gets sent to your customers every time.

Boost business performance with high-end brand experiences

Offer your customers the best service

Sinch offers SMS business solutions that gather feedback, answer questions and potential issues, and greet customers as they come online with personalized conversational support that meets their preferred language and channel as well. This omnichannel marketing automation can help boost your conversion, increase your profits and make a sale.

Build loyalty with timely messages

Sinch provides its clients with a Whatsapp API that can remind a customer if their shopping cart was abandoned or they needed help placing an order. This chatbot platform can also notify customers of their shipping, receipts, delivery updates and connect them to customer service if they require any help. This voice API for business communication is done safely and securely and allows customers to build trust and loyalty in your brand so they’ll have no reason to leave.

Send promotional updates

If you’re looking to send promotions, offers, product recommendations, and more to existing and new customers, then Sinch can help you do this with omnichannel marketing in India. This allows you to keep your customers in the loop with new offers and products and even share giveaways and holiday sales.

Lower cart abandonment

Studies have shown that voice API for business communication can remind customers about their abandoned shopping carts and thus increase sales by up to 35 percent. This can greatly help increase your bottom line.

Lower costs

Sinch can help lower your operational costs through an SMS gateway API. Using a chat platform to

communicate with your customers, not only saves your employees time and energy but allows them to focus on more important things. This can also help boost the customer service experience as brands can use an AI chatbot platform for simple queries and only transfer the user to a customer service rep for more in-depth answers.

Create engaging experiences and build better customer relationships

Sinch can help you take customer experience to the next level and use its bulk SMS gateway to improve loyalty, boost sales, and build better engagement, with your target audience.

Seamless engagement and enhanced customer satisfaction

As one of the leading VOIP service providers, Sinch offers you a secure and safe way to send and receive pictures, videos, information, products, services, and more which allows your customer to access it on the go and even make a payment.

They can start real-time conversations with your brand and even avail of prompt replies and automated messages which you can easily set up to work 24/7.

This conversation with AI for your brand allows you to earn recognition and create trust in your customers as well as tailor your voice API integration to their needs and preferences.

Easy Accessibility and Simple Navigation

Sinch is just a click away and no matter what the size, type, or range of your business or organization they come with solutions and experienced features to provide you with custom plans to meet all your needs.   Request a demo




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