Trillionaire 2.0 , a 1230 erc art piece, that releases the ten song e.p. to the world once it is purchased

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CDZ Trillionaire 20

Worlds Most Expensive Art

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Silicon Valley, California Feb 4, 2022 ( –                                                                     CD-Z.COM NFT

          THE MOST EXPENSIVE ART IN THE WORLD IS NOW ON SALE: TRILLIONAIRE 20 THE FREQUENCY OF CD-Z. The art is priced @$3.3million = an estimate of around 1230 Etheriums.


          The art consists of a 10 songs ep plus a $3.3million dollar (nft) album cover that can be bought by anyone, after buying then the album goes on sale @iTunes and streams on Spotify YouTube music.

One of the songs titled “Divorce” will be released as the underground, played at clubs only, too dirty for radio, because of the lyrics. CD-z has made the world wait ten years for this album! CD-z is from Chicago, he’s been making music since 12, he’s produced most of the new ep his himself!

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