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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Palo Alto, California Feb 3, 2022 ( – Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM), the next generation, insured, asset-backed cryptocurrency poised to revolutionize digital transactions, responds to a frivolous legal action initiated by Plaintiffs Raymond Jonna, Simon Jonna, and Farid Jamardov against Kevin Jonna and  Bitcoin Latinum (Case # 2:2022cv10208).

It is the official stance of Bitcoin Latinum that the accusations are without merit. Bitcoin Latinum neither had a relationship with nor received any investment from the plaintiffs. 

Bitcoin Latinum will be countersuing each individual as jointly and severally liable, including plaintiffs Raymond Jonna, Simon Jonna, and Farid Jamardov, their attorneys Jacob S Frenkel, Mark Jotanovic, Frank Borger-Gilligan, Kory M. Steen, the law firm of Dickenson Wright PLLC, the firm’s partners, CEO Michael C. Hammer, and Chairman William T. Burgess for without limitation, defamation, tortious interference with a business relationship, and fraud, for not less than $1 billion each for reputational and punitive damages.

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In addition, Bitcoin Latinum will seek sanctions and potential disbarment of all attorneys party to this action. 

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