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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Feb 2, 2022 ( – Well, the whole crypto sphere really has not had any real place where people can use their crypto to buy and sell everyday items. People trade their crypto back and forth into fiat and never really use it to buy products/services. CryptoShopping is revolutionizing the way we perceive crypto transactions and it’s already kicking up widespread interest. The fact that it is like eBay whereby it is a marketplace where anyone can add their own products onto the website to sell in cryptocurrencies is what really makes this the potential to go viral.

CryptoShopping is using advanced technologies to allow for seamless payment gateways which allow for all bep20/erc20 and hundreds of other crypto’s to be accepted as payment. CryptoShopping is outreaching to all crypto projects to see if they would like to add products to sell using their product’s crypto. The whole concept of a cryptocurrency marketplace where people can trade items and not just crypto’s seems so obvious and yet no one has created the infrastructure to manifest this. CrytpoShopping founded by Thomas Berrigan isn’t interested in just stopping at creating a website where you can trade items for crypto’s but is eager to allow for people to be able to buy items in the metaverse. CryptoShopping has some of its database of products linked to the metaverse which they have created.

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Something else which we should touch on and let the general public know about is CryptoShopping also has an NFT marketplace where you can buy and sell anything in NFT form. They are really trying to push this marketplace in the direction of “selling NFT’s as tangible products” instead of the current situation which is NFT’s are sold as intangible items. CryptoShopping essentially is selling NFT’s as everyday household items such as clothing, electronics, furniture. The list goes on.

This is an exciting project and looking forward to what they come up with next!


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