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(Spin Digit Editorial):- kolkata, West bengal Feb 2, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Nowadays, Online Shopping is becoming increasingly famous as companies are prioritizing customers’ convenience and satisfaction over anything else. Kridovia makes sure that the customer is getting quick and user-friendly services. With the fastest-growing trends, people can also buy the best kitchen and home appliances online without any hassle. Kridovia has a great range of smart appliances which will surely make living better and easier. Although the products are easy to understand and use, it is still needed to know important features to get the best one as per your needs. This time, Kridovia has come up with a fun way to introduce its smart product launches.

Kridovia Appliances is one of the best platforms to get premium home and kitchen appliances at the best deals. The founder of Kridovia, Mr. Rikesh Jaiswal, always looks for inspiration and innovation to revolutionize the appliances industry and ease the life of the people. With their quality and international product range, the company has already gained the trust of high-end customers and business partners as well as locals. He said,” Kridovia is meant to bring comfort and convenience to the consumer with its smart appliances range. To ensure this, we have introduced various new appliances with remarkable features. Our products will not only help people to live a healthy life but also improve the standard of living. This time, we have come up with some fun riddles so that the people can understand more about our products in an interactive way.” Let’s check it out.

Riddle 1: Usually, I only come in handy in summers and proved to be the true gem of the latest technology. My major function is to ensure convenience at every corner of the home. With the help of my advanced features, I tend to attract more people. I also ensure to provide relief from the torturous heat. What am I?

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Answer: The answer is Air Conditioner. Have you got it right? Well, Kridovia has a wide range of air conditioners that will suit the needs of each type of home. You just need to get in touch with Kridovia and browse through the different range of appliances. The air conditioner doesn’t make much noise which helps you to sleep well. The most important thing is that the air conditioner is energy efficient and you don’t need to worry about the electricity bills.

Riddle 2: Hey there, I am the caretaker of your precious collection of wines. I ensure the safety of the wine from different factors. I provide them with the perfect house to rest and live in so that they can cherish every drop of it. What am I?

Answer: The answer is Wine Cooler. Well, the riddle is quite easy, isn’t it? Kridovia offers the best quality wine cooler which is perfect for storing the wine at the right temperature. Well, it can be a great purchase and the best way to store all types of wine at the correct temperature which makes sure the correct aging and accurate flavor profiles of your precious wines.

Riddle 3: Bid Goodbye to the excess humidity, allergens, and respiratory issues with me. I will take good care of your health and house without creating any fuss. I also restrict the growth of allergens and treat the dampness of the air. What am I?

Answer: The answer is Dehumidifier. Treat your home with the best quality dehumidifier and give extra care to your loved ones. The dehumidifiers are useful appliances for every household to maintain the preferred and healthy humidity levels within your space. Kridovia offers the best quality dehumidifiers for every space. The dehumidifier offered by Kridovia Appliances has easier mobility with convenient wheels. Not only that, but the dehumidifier also plays the role of air purifier and dryer and thus eliminates the need for extra effort and time.

Riddle 4: To all the party lovers and picnic lovers out there, I can prove to be your best friend. I can keep your drinks and other beverages cold anytime, anywhere. I am the best friend of soft drinks. What am I?

Answer: The answer is Ice Cube Maker. Do you have any idea about it? If you have surprise guests and you want to entertain them without running out of ice, then you should get the portable ice maker from the best home and kitchen appliances supplier, Kridovia. With the help of a portable ice maker, you can get fresh ice within 10 minutes. The portable ice maker is easy to use and doesn’t need any installation. You just need to plug it in, fill it with water, and switch it on.

Kridovia always comes up with fun and creative ways to ease the life of people and introduces smart appliances. This riddle game is one such approach to let the consumers understand the product briefly, easily, and in an innovative way. If you are looking for the best appliances, get in touch with the top home and kitchen appliances provider in Kolkata, Kridovia Appliances.


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