C0Y1N announces the start of its creative activities to deliver the light of a new era

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Digital artwork “OL01 & (some flowers)” released on NFT marketplace OpenSea

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Komae, Tokyo Feb 2, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Tokyo-based art company C0Y1N announces the start of its production of artworks, based on the conviction that great works of art possess the power to encourage and inspire individuals in this new modern age.

As its first move, C0Y1N is delighted to share the launch of its digital art piece “OL01 & (some flowers)” on the leading NFT marketplace OpenSea. “OL01 & (some flowers)” is a photographic NFT artwork that pairs the company’s light fixture OL01 with an arrangement of flowers and is limited to an edition of 99.


The OL01 is a light fixture whose design represents an eye enclosing and capturing the light that shines within all of us during moments of profound inspiration or love at first sight. The light allows those who experience it to actively accept themselves and become aware of deeper human truths, such as love and kindness. With each such realization, another ripple of light spreads through the world. The OL01 represents a tangible and permanent crystallization of this idea while also functioning as a practical source of light.

The release of “OL01 & (some flowers)” as an NFT artwork is one of the results of C0Y1N’s careful exploration of various ways in which the OL01 may be experienced in addition to its incarnation as a tangible object. In its form as an NFT artwork, the OL01 is transformed into a digital, unique entity free to travel the globe in an instant.


Wishing the light of the OL01 to become accessible as a part of people’s everyday lives, C0Y1N is currently preparing the production of the OL01 as an available product rather than a one-of-a-kind artwork. Further details will be unveiled in the near future.



“OL01 & (some flowers)” by C0Y1N

Edition of 99

Available through NFT marketplace OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/ol01


The OL01 as well as the NFT artwork “OL01 & (some flowers)” will also be part of C0Y1N’s upcoming Kickstarter project. More details are to be announced soon.



About C0Y1N

Company name: C0Y1N, LLC.

Founded in August 2020

Representative Partner: Mr. Tomoki Kobayashi

Registered Address: Izumi-honcho 3-3-9, Komae, Tokyo, Japan

Primary business activities: Production & Sale of Artworks

Website: (coming soon)


Customer contact:

Tel: +81-3-3489-0011

Mail: [email protected]

Media Contact


[email protected]

+81 334890011

Izumi-honcho 3-3-9, Komae, Tokyo, Japan

Source :C0Y1N, LLC

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