Rising rapper Golden Animal’s epic rhythmic number, ‘Mad Man’ creates a powerful ripple in the industry

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Golden Animal

Prolific American hip hop artist Golden Animal forms an extraordinary fusion of powerful rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics in his new music video, ‘Mad Man’.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Florida City, Florida Jan 24, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Hip-hop music can be crafted with different moods and emotions in mind. Aspiring and highly-talented hip hop artist Golden Animal aims to inspire his audience to take the control of their life back into their own hands with his thought-provoking soundscape. He has marveled his fans with his hit single Mad Man‘ that showcases his incredible rhyming capability that glides smoothly with the groovy rhythmic backdrop. The track opens with an exuberant rhythmic flow that matches the dexterity of his bright rap verses. The hard-hitting symphony collaborating with the majestic visuals of the music videos gives the audience the greatest time of their life. The MV has over 38k views on YouTube, becoming a mega-hit in the contemporary hip-hop scene.

Hailing from Pompano Beach, Florida, the multi-talented hip-hop artist stepped into the music scene at the age of only 12. He had faced a lot of hurdles in his life but never backed down from following his one true passion that is making music. He found solace in rapping and a way to get away from the trauma he had faced while growing up along with his eight other siblings. He derives inspiration from his own life experiences and the things he sees around him for his compositions. The audience is bound to find relatable elements in his songs and form a genuine connection with them and the artist as well.

The gifted American artist has come a long way from a young rapper with lots of dreams to establishing his own production house Motivated By Money or simply MBM. Golden Animal has turned his anger and frustration into meaningful verses that make the listeners think twice. At only 22, he has acquired so much insight into the genre and mastered the art of rapping in different styles. His finest music video, ‘Mad Man’ features his dynamic storytelling presented through his fierce rapping floating the backdrop of hard-core rhythmic resonance. His exceptional rhyming skills are also present in his other tracks like ‘Black Roses’, ‘Go Off’, ‘Hell Raiser’, ‘Ghetto Stories’, and more. Follow him on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram for more updates.

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