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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Fall River, Massachusetts Jan 24, 2022 ( – Bell money financial, is a black-owned company that is not your ordinary financial services company.  with most finance companies focusing on loans, bell money financial has more than 1 way for the consumer or business owner to get cash. getting “saved by the bell” has a strong meaning with the business as they offer 5 different ways to get money in your pocket. so not being qualified for a loan does not mean you can’t get help at bell money financial. most people are collecting payments and don’t even know they can get cash now instead of waiting years to get the money owed to them. bell money financial can cash you out of multiple different payment streams Americans are receiving monthly. they also offer job placement. simply send them your resume and they will match you with a work-related position that is a direct-hire, so you don’t have to worry about overhead taking from your hourly pay. if bell money financial cant get cash in your pocket from loans, job placement, or cashing you out of your notes, they are more than willing to audit all of your bills for overcharges. It’s a fact that 80% of Americans are being overcharged on their bills. Call bell money financial can save you up to 40% on all your bills like cable, phone, heat, electricity, and even your water bill. something completely new to the financial sector that bell money also caters to is business opportunity assistance. that’s right bell money financial will do a quick consultation with consumers interested in starting their own business. and set them up with no start-up fees required. getting “saved by the bell”  now has a face. and its bell money financial.  

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