Creative Biolabs Announces Antibody and Peptide Development Services Targeting Zika, Ebola, SARS-CoV-2


(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Jan 24, 2022 ( – Viruses, presenting in all living beings, can cause a range of diseases, from the common cold to Zika, Ebola, and COVID-19. Various types of antivirals have been or are being developed to fight against viruses by blocking receptors, boosting the immune system, or lowering the viral load. Among them, neutralizing antibodies and peptides provide a promising outlook as tools to combat the spread and re-emergence of viral infection.

Drawing upon over a dozen years’ experience of serving the antiviral research community, Creative Biolabs has established an unmatched anti-virus biomolecular discovery platform to facilitate clients’ research and project development.

The innovative AntInfect platform combines diverse antibody discovery technologies with several immunization platforms, mainly covering membrane protein production and immunization, virus-like particles (VLPs) production and immunization, and DNA immunization. This platform can serve for antibody and peptide development against diverse viruses, including Ebola, Zika, and SARS-CoV-2.

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With an industry-leading portfolio of platforms and regulatory expertise, the one-stop service on the discovery of neutralizing antibody (NAb) and peptide targeting Ebola virus can be customized for the most researched targets, such as glycoprotein (GP) and positive peptide hits, or other new potential targets.

Creative Biolabs has also streamlined a comprehensive portfolio of discovery services of NAb and peptide targeting Zika virus (ZIKV) focusing on unique ranges of targets. The expert team offers NAb development services, especially on E protein and NS proteins, and for functional peptide discovery, the cutting-edge high-density peptide microarrays and phage display technologies are applied to identify ZIKV-specific peptides, which might work as serology reagents or anti-viral drugs.

Supported by extensive experience pertaining to other coronaviruses, now, for antibody and peptide discovery targeting SARS-CoV-2, Creative Biolabs has developed several different methods that can be used to generate specific and humanized NAbs, including the immunization of transgenic mice, cloning of small chain variable regions from convalescent patients, naive human antibody phage display libraries, and the immortalization of convalescent B cells.

Backed by in-depth technical support, Creative Biolabs’ anti-virus biomolecular discovery solutions hold the competence of improving global clients’ projects at a fast turnaround and ensuring qualified outcomes.

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As a leading custom service provider in antibody development and engineering, Creative Biolabs has established cutting-edge technologies to support functional biomolecule development for infectious diseases. The service portfolio is comprised of anti-infective antibody and peptide discovery and small molecule drug discovery for a wide range of virus, bacterial, and parasite infections.

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