Algorithmic trading – market making startup, Autowhale, builds disrupting machine-learning crypto market making system

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Autowhale  crypto market making  algorithmic trading

Autowhale to execute on its ambitious plans to become the leading professional crypto trading software and market making solution provider by reimagining its market making system with machine-learning and artificial intelligence

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Jan 24, 2022 ( – In the fast-paced cryptocurrency environment, one must always keep up with the latest state of technology and adapt to changes as quickly as possible. With the growth and maturing of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, crypto market making, and algorithmic trading gain more and more traction as they are a vital part of any financial ecosystem. Austrian startup, Autowhale, takes this seriously and is looking forward to releasing their new machine-learning-based crypto market-making system to keep up with the trend in the overall market and gain an edge in the market.

The startup’s shift from static algorithmic trading to a constantly adopting machine learning environment is the next step in the growth process for Autowhale as they successfully completed their proof of concept. Token projects, IDOs, or crypto exchange platforms that are the typical clients of Autowhale are invited to reach out ([email protected]) to explore and test how machine-learning algorithmic trading and market making can support their markets and create a healthy market structure.

“It’s key for our clients and ourselves to be able to perform under any market structure. With that in mind, we decided to explore the use of machine-learning models to help facilitate not just our market-making system but also other tasks such as minimal price impact liquidation system or arbitrage algorithms.” CEO Thomas Pratter, says.

Latest developments in machine-learning, specifically reinforcement learning paired with traditional market microstructure tools, are enabling the crypto market maker to build a system that is capable of learning about limit order book markets and reacting to shifts in liquidity, trend contradicting market behaviour as well as new developments in the broader market. (futures, options, etc.)

Autowhale’s mission is to shape the way of algorithmic trading, crypto market-making, and crypto asset management with the ultimate goal to take on outside capital and transform the business from a technology/software business to financial services. Together with becoming the go-to place for algorithmic trading software and expanding into other markets while still being able to support and trade on any market, regardless of its size, Autowhale has set itself an ambitious mission to work on.


Autowhale  crypto market making  algorithmic tradingAutowhale  crypto market making  algorithmic tradingAutowhale  crypto market making  algorithmic trading

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