Launches New Livestream Social Selling Platform for Facebook

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ShipLive for Selling Live with Ease on FaceBook

The ShipLive Platform Features Easy-to-Use Comment Selling, Payment Processing, and Order Fulfillment

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Las Vegas, Nevada Jan 20, 2022 ( –, a technology company that helps small e-commerce businesses, announced today the immediate availability of the ShipLive Social Selling platform for Facebook.  Designed with community user feedback and testing, the Livestream selling platform was built for direct sellers, small and micro e-commerce sellers, and small traditional retail boutiques looking for an easy-to-use, single platform to host Livestream events and manage their operations.

The company’s entry into Livestream social selling demonstrates a commitment to provide sales growth tools to the existing community of Ship users and independent retailers.  Online streaming events are cost-effective, save time, encourage engagement and create communities around brands and products.  

According to Statista, Livestream e-commerce, also known as live commerce, is forecasted to increase threefold in the U.S by 2024 reaching 35 billion dollars up from 11 billion dollars in 2021.

“The opportunity in live online shopping is tremendous and Ship is positioned to provide a game-changing platform driven by core principles of Friendship, Partnership, Leadership, and Ownership,” said Founder and CEO, Joseph DiSorbo. “Consumers are embracing social e-commerce and small businesses looking to increase revenue with Livestream selling can easily use the Ship platform to drive sales, process orders, and build community.”   

About the Ship LIveStream Selling Platform

ShipLive is a Livestream selling platform that automates all the steps necessary to effectively complete transactions through FaceBook live events. The platform allows sellers to Livestream sell their products, collect payments, ship orders, the process returns, and manage customers’ communications and loyalty programs.  Buyers purchase during the Livestream event by typing predetermined keywords into the comments section during a live sale.  This is known as “Comment Selling”. Using the ShipLive platform is like having a personal version of a home shopping network. Unlike other Livestream selling platforms, ShipLive is designed to be easy to use when planning and setting up Live Sales, operating and hosting live events, and then communicating with customers during post-sales operations.  

ShipLive Key Features and Benefits

Automates Comment PurchasingBuyer friendly, trusted, simple operations

  • Buyers experience user-friendly purchasing by typing easy-to-remember customizable keywords in the comments section to make a purchase;
  • Sellers can verify the exact order in which products are sold (through comment logs), which provides a trusted platform for both buyers and sellers;
  • Multiple orders from individual customers are automatically combined for sellers to generate single payment requests and shipping labels for each individual customer. This simplifies business operations. 

One-Click to Recreate a Broadcast Removes duplicate efforts and automates events

  • Sellers can automate and standardize their event planning by reviewing prior events and using a single click to recreate or duplicate a broadcast. This saves setup time and allows sellers to create a standardized set of selling events by product theme or category.  

Intuitive Broadcast Screen View – Dynamic event hosting

  • Product showcase during a Live Sale is dynamic with smooth scrolling and clicking of inventory selection;
  • Seller view of video is constant while showcasing products, making it easier for sellers to present products and maintain quality of video presentation.

Dynamic Comments – Drives post-sale opportunities and demand

  • Comments generate backorders and detailed logs for sellers to easily analyze and plan for future sales opportunities.

Discounting to Promote and Encourage Sales

  • Sellers can provide discounts on total invoices by dollar or percentage. ShipLive automates a total discount per customer per event.   


Backed by the Ship Growth Guarantee, Ship offers pricing plans at the Starter, Growth, and Executive levels on a monthly or annual basis.  Competitively priced, the ShipLive social selling platform features transaction fees from three, five, and seven percent for Executive, Growth, and Starter plans, respectively.  The Ship Growth Guarantee provides a money-back guarantee for transaction fees if a user does not grow their revenues by 50 percent in 30 days.


Ship delivers an easy-to-use, unified platform for Livestream selling, collecting payment, shipping orders, and processing returns. started as a place to make it easy for direct sellers to print shipping labels, invoice customers, track shipments, process returns and connect with their customers. also offers a Venmo-like app for consumer shipping, order tracking, and sharing.  Today Ship is the choice for sellers who want easy-to-use tools to connect with online shoppers, grow their business, and get the most out of their business and life.  For more information, visit or the company blog.

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