ModiCoin- Starting a New Era in the Crypto Industry

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ModiCoin Starting a New Era in the Crypto Industry

ModiCoin does not only aim to bring a revolution in the economic payment integration system but also a vision to enhance the standard of living of orphan children.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Melbourne, Victoria Jan 14, 2022 ( – Decentralized Finance has non-negotiably paved a way for numerous opportunities in this ecosystem. DeFi has set new bars and drawn new conclusions in terms of security and trust. It eliminates the possibilities of trust difficulties with a lower risk of system failure making it exceptionally efficient and effective. 

ModiCoin- A new way to look at crypto tokens 

ModiCoin stands for “Medium of Defi in Centre of Incorruptible Network”. It is a community-driven technology that aims to significantly improve the way people adapt, trade, and invest digital assets.  It is an economic token model that redefines efficiency, flexibility, and security. 

How is ModiCoin different? 

Here, the key differentiator is the high scalability power, enabled by lightning-quick cross-border transactions. It is a utility coin that can be used for a wide array of cases while maintaining top-notch security standards because of blockchain technology.  ModiCoin also stands out in its aim and objectives. Built over BCT,  ModiCoin emphasis on furtherance and strengthening of our entire ecosystem.

Not only that, ModiCoin’s phase 2 implies establishing a ModiCoin Foundation for the orphans that will assist them in leading a safe, healthy, and standard life. It aims to ease their pain and help them live a life full of joy and laughter.

With the decentralized economic structure adhering to BEP20 standards, ModiCoin’s system revolves around the Binance Smart Chain. It has the capability to fuel our entire ecosystem and users can use this to access various products and services within and beyond our platform.

Its model rejuvenates all decentralized platforms and assists to find traction. It is the only economic token model that focuses on the advancement of humanity in terms of benevolence too.  We are all humans and something that naturally we possess, and we must foster is compassion and humanity.  

Applications of ModiCoin:

It is important to consider that the ModiCoin is a utility token coin that reinforces the ecosystem by leveraging the powers of a high decentralization, deflationary token mechanism, anti-whale system, anti-dumping system, auditability, scalability, and the most essential humanity.  Not limited to the above, our token puts forth various opportunities for the growth and development of the economy as a whole. 

On priority, ModiCoin’s token buy and sell tax are distributed, giving a significant share to a very noble cause directed by the ModiCoin Foundation. 1% of buy tax and 2% of sell tax are the shares held by the ModiCoin Foundation in the distribution of tax schemes. 

ModiCoin forms the backbone of the ModiCoin foundation. By investing one shall not only generate income but will also be a part of a humanitarian cause. Our foundation has a purpose to help the little souls of innocence, who have been parted away from their parents by force of nature, lead a happy and healthy life. 

ModiCoin – Key highlights 

ModiCoin has been structured to operate on key levels of efficiency, flexibility, and security. It is the first coin that is also backed by a noble cause. Our purpose is not only to generate and distribute economic benefits across the system but also to upgrade the quality of living of underprivileged and orphan children. Paving the way to a revolutionary economic model, ModiCoin feels proud to present its key technical highlights. 

A deflationary token model: Our decentralized exchange organic architecture works on a deflationary model, indicating that the value of the token coin shall never fall. They will essentially grow in value as compared to the national currencies. 

Anti-Whale system: ModiCoin emphasizes distributing economic benefits across the array. Hence, we will make sure that the anti-whale system is implemented and duly followed to prevent stagnation of power, and entitlement on one hand. 

Anti-Dumping system: Our model also dedicatedly follows the anti-dumping system which helps us move past volatility and dumps. As stated earlier, ModiCoin redefines security and efficiency.

A glimpse into the ModiCoin Foundation:  

Compassion and benevolence are two essential qualities possessed by mankind. With this perception, Phase 2 of ModiCoin aims to establish a ModiCoin Foundation for orphan children. Founder of ModiCoin, Amit Singla, says, “We have the vision to knit a place that enhances the standard of living for every soul that dwells on this planet.”

ModiCoin Foundation has the sole purpose of providing them with a normal, healthy, and happy life. They look forward to enhancing the lives of many such children by satisfying their basic requirements of education, food, and shelter by creating a safe and secure environment for them and assisting them in living a cheerful life. 

Enveloped with this resolution, ModiCoin Foundation promises to outshine and leave no stone unturned in our struggle to help these children. 

Ending Notes

ModiCoin is a promising platform that is utilizing the strengths of blockchain and cryptocurrency to help individuals optimize the way they sustainably interact with digital assets. ModiCoin also envisions setting up the ModiCoin foundation to support and aid the underprivileged section of society, especially the orphans. Our dream is to create a better space for living, in terms of material and emotion.  The procedure shall fold out in the next month. 

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