Seasons Of A Prism, A Reflective NFT Artwork

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seasons of a prism

(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jan 3, 2022 ( – Seasons Of A Prism is a mosaic representing a woman’s true story spanning over 60 years. It consists of her digital abstract art and pages from her manuscript, (the entire non-published manuscript included as a downloadable file). Her life is dominated by mental illness, she copes with traumatic experiences and chronic health issues. She was often impacted by paranormal moments, dreams, premonitions, and even witnessing a UFO. She survived being molested, beaten, raped, and bullied. She struggled in her early years with her gender. Her odd experiences and careers. Her marriage to her childhood friend disintegrated as he and his dysfunctional family were destroyed by the weight of their own dark secrets. Her nervous breakdown attempted suicide and rebuilding her life. Her vaccine-related death, after-death experience, resuscitation, and continued health injury. Underscoring all of this is her ultimate surrender to God. Her faith to see her through. Her love and gratitude for Jesus, her savior, and friend.

Downloadable content: The manuscript (US Copyright pending and willing to transfer copyrights to the buyer) is over 59,000 words in Word format, suitable for digital or hard copy publication. In addition, my invite for a phone conversation with me. If the buyer plans to publish the manuscript in hard copy, the author is willing to personally sign a negotiable number of copies. Larger pixel images are available of digital art. The entire offer has the potential to make this offer profitable for the buyer.

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