Versatile Singer Justin Turk Explains How Music Heals Your Soul

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Justin Turk

Young musician Justin Turk has decided to release his EP ‘Just In Time’ on 16th February. Stay tuned to this rising star to receive more enthralling musical beats.

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Florida City, Jan 5, 2022 ( – Born in Palm Coast, Florida, the artist Justin Turk has made his life around music. He believes that music has the power to convey a message to a larger number of audiences. It has the power to liberate the soul, heal the fragile mind and broken heart. At the age of 11, he started writing songs and performing in several groups as a lead singer. His experience in music has helped him to evolve as a musician. The artist Justin Turk has decided to release his much-anticipated EP ‘Just In Time’ on 16th February 2022. The Songs in the EP provide a blend of pop and rock with folk music. The EP will feature many renowned artists from Nashville and is mastered and mixed by the two-time Grammy winner Justin Cortelyou. Moreover, the EP is produced by Art Ward from Century Music Group.

The musical caliber of Justin Turk, evident in his previous songs, has made people excited about his latest release. Moreover, his understanding of music and talent in composition has already created high expectations among the fans. His upcoming EP is the result of his well-developed understanding of music. Well, his track ‘My oh My’- is a light-hearted song. It has the essence of life in its musicality. ‘Theres No Use In Complaining’- has very catchy music to support a very beautiful theme and a vital message for the listeners. ‘Passion’ shows his versatility in and passion for music. And ‘Time’ is probably the best of all the songs in his EP. 

Even his other songs ‘New Hope’, ‘Danger’, ‘On My Way (I Miss You)’, ‘Don’t Worry Anymore’ and others brilliantly exhibited his passion for music. The song exhibits how invested he is in his craftsmanship. Besides, the musical talent and passion for it, such creations demand a good understanding of life and self. It is the thoughtful mind that he involves in the process to make each song rich in terms of music, lyrics, and subject matter. Listen to his other songs on Spotify and follow his social media profiles – Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to get more insights.


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