The First Test for Noah’s Heart Begins on December 21st

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Sign-ups to test the latest mobile MMORPG from the developer of Dragon Raja are now open

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Beijing, China Dec 17, 2021 ( – Archosaur Games invites players to join the first test for the highly anticipated MMORPG mobile game Noah’s Heart taking place from December 21 – 27! Sign-ups are open now on the official website. During the testing period, players will have the chance to explore the beautiful planet of Noah and experience the exciting gameplay of Noah’s Heart. Players can also follow us on our official Facebook page for the latest news about the game’s present and future development! Click the link below to sign up for the first test.

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Developed using Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), Noah’s Heart takes place on Noah, a planet filled with mysteries and wonders just waiting to be discovered. Adventure across a world without borders, where no place is off limits! Free yourself from conventional specializations and weapon categories and switch between weapons whenever you wish.

Dragon Raja and Noah’s Heart are both MMORPG games developed by Archosaur Games. Dragon Raja is a popular game that is highly regarded in the MMORPG market and is still loved and adored by fans today. Following the global success of Dragon Raja, Archosaur Games is now set to deliver a brand new world brought to life through breath-taking visuals made possible by UE4. After years of development, we’re excited to show what’s new in Noah’s Heart!

Sign-ups for the first test are now available, but spots are limited, so be sure to sign up soon! There are three options available for players interested in joining the test: Explorer, Pioneer, and Envoy. Explorer is the standard sign-up option open to everyone. Pioneer is an option for those interested in becoming a future community contributor for Noah’s Heart. It offers more rewards in exchange for sharing the sign-up page on your social media. The last option, Envoy, is reserved for content creators and media representatives.

Since this is the very first test of Noah’s Heart, much of the game content is still waiting to be discovered. For MMO veterans, however, some highlights of Noah’s Heart have already been revealed on the official website, such as the vast map with no boundaries or borders. Noah is a planet with a highly diverse ecosystem, featuring many different types of biomes and creatures. Adventure through frozen tundras, alien rainforests, and arid deserts. Immersing yourself in this exotic world would be a great way to relax on a weekend afternoon.  

Another highlight of Noah’s Heart is the weapon/class system. In this game, you can freely swap between different weapons, allowing you to explore different play styles and decide which weapon best fits the situation. Currently, there are 4 weapon types: sword, bow, dual blades, and polearm. Each weapon comes with special skills and combos, so be sure to familiarize yourself with their tricks before using them in actual combat.

Finally, no RPG is complete without career options! In Noah’s Heart, the player can be a tailor, a craftsman, or a master chef. Each can produce essential supplies necessary for the player and their team’s survival. Through practice, you can upgrade your proficiency in your career, unlocking advanced items with greater value. More details will be revealed during the test.

Sign up now for the chance to try out these features first-hand. The test will last for 7 days, from December 21 to December 27. Please keep in mind that this is the first test of Noah’s Heart and that the game is still under development. There will certainly be things that can be improved upon, and we welcome players to share any thoughts and suggestions that they may have! If you are not admitted to this test, please don’t worry, as more tests are being planned for the near future. Stay tuned to our social media for more news and updates about Noah’s Heart!

See you soon on planet Noah!

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