Meta Fantasy partners with Binance to sell NFT products

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Dec 15, 2021 ( – META FANTASY is a metaverse gaming company established in 2021. With a distributed business management model, the company is made up of more than 100 team members from all over the world with its headquarters in Silicon Valley, California. Its operations office is located in Indonesia. META FANTASY aims to take the metaverse concept to the next level with its debut decentralized metaverse game, FantaVerse that utilizes the BIGANT technology. BIGANT (Blockchain, Game, AI, Network, Token Economy) is a proprietary design & technological ecosystem by META FANTASY that works comprehensively for the development of the metaverse and realizes the elements of the metaverse, including decentralization, creator economy, anywhere, variety, economy & civility, virtual social, immersive and low friction.

FantaVerse, a 3D decentralized metaverse game integrates games, blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, play2Earn, and FantaGlass. It provides a rich gaming experience with a large universe that includes planets, races, equipment, skills, appearances, etc. Players can collect characters, use characters to battle, collect equipment, train characters, explore planets and create a home. The core gameplay will include the popular Moba5v5, PVP arena/battlefields, PVE raids/boss, universe exploration, competition to acquire resource planets, and custom maps, making the metaverse a truly immersive experience for all players.

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BSC chain is a strategic foundation for META FANTASY. FantaVerse’s token FTC supports both ETH and BSC cross-chain bridges. Tokens of ecological partners also support BSC, thereby fulfilling the users’ needs in the ETH and BSC ecosystem.

This sale signifies the launch of FantaVerse products in the market. The company will launch the Alpha Version in March 2022 and Beta Version in June 2022 as planned.

Players can also create custom maps and assets with FantaVerse Map and Asset Editors and list them for NFT sales and auctions.

The partnership with Binance to sell FantaVerse NFT products is a milestone for META FANTASY. It is also the first time for FantaVerse products to showcase its production capabilities to players. NFT available for sale include human race male and female characters, gold weapon packs, gold armor packs, human race planets, cities, and lands, etc. Each NFT is sold in limited quantities and represents identities and rights. For example, two limited small planets are priced at 180,000 BUSD. NFT holders can be masters of the planets and name and create his/her own planet with FantaVerse editor. Each small planet has three main cities, and each main city contains 1024 plots of commercial land. It can also issue its own currency for land purchase.




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