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New Music from Los Embajadores de la Salsa

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Miami, Florida Dec 15, 2021 ( – Los Embajadores is a contemporary salsa orchestra. Founded in 2020. This group is composed of the predecessors of Los Adolescentes, who created a new musical concept and decided to transfer it to this new proposal.

Musical Career

 In 2011, the new generation of Los Adolescentes was born. This unprecedented stage of the salsa group arose from the demand of the market and the request of the fans, who demanded a continuity of the orchestra that has had a long and successful trajectory. Due to this, they renewed their members, managing to cover the expectations of the market and the good receptivity of the public. All this was under the direction and musical production of Arnaldo Quintero.

This new stage debuted with the album Indestructible. That with his songs he managed to captivate new generations of audience, giving credit to the strategies and ideas proposed.

The promotional single of this record production is the song “Siénteme”. That occupied the first place of the Record Report in Venezuela, under the authorship of Frángel Ramos and the director of the orchestra Arnaldo Quintero.

Another success of the new generation is “Mi Viejo” which spent five weeks at number one in the top salsa in several billboards in Venezuela. And that had an audiovisual production directed by Endry Rovaz, which accumulated 2.7 million views organically on YouTube.

“Ya llegué” and “No temas al amor”, are also part of his singles as the new generation, positioning themselves number one on billboards in the United States and Latin America.

The salsa group recognized worldwide has performed its classic songs on tours around the world, maintaining its quality and leaving its Venezuelan essence in different scenarios of countries such as France, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, United States, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Guatemala, Canada, Mexico, Panama, and Colombia.

Los Adolescentes, in addition to having toured worldwide, have collaborated in presentations with great salsa performers. Among them: Maelo Ruiz, Gilberto Santa Rosa, José Alberto-El Canario, Eddie Santiago, Grupo Niche, Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, DLG, Proyecto 1, “scar de León, and La India, with whom their voices have worked bringing the Latin genre to its highest esteem.

A New Change 

As a result of all these tours, experiences, and trajectories as Los Adolescentes, in 2020 the team of musicians and singers under the management of Carlos Mendoza and Luis Mendoza Jr. decided to evolve and create a new musical concept called Los Embajadores de la salsa.

The idea arises because they have been known worldwide as “the ambassadors of the salsa of Venezuela”. Based on this they decided to choose this name that marks the evolution of Los Adolescentes, giving way to future generations to continue the legacy of the orchestra.

This new proposal will be reflected the musical knowledge that the salsa group has had in its coexistence as a team. In addition, it has members of high musical levels that maintain their essence in this new project that has met the acceptance of the public and the standards of the salsa market. Los Embajadores will be under the management of event production company Playback Production. 

Musical Direction 

Los Embajadores is led by the versatile musician Arnaldo Quintero, who with his musical knowledge, has been in charge of unifying the talents of this orchestra.

Arnaldo Quintero was born in Cabimas, Venezuela. He grew up in a home full of love, discipline, and music. Since his childhood and adolescence, he has focused on learning all about melodies and composition.

At the age of 15, he mastered the piano, percussion, and bass for which he showed more interest. He participated in music festivals nationwide among them: The Festival Homenaje a Juan Vicente Torrealba where he performed the song “Pajarillo”.

He studied music at the Cecilio Acosta Catholic University, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree. For the years 2005 and 2006, he worked at the Aida Ojeda de Romero Basic School as a music teacher. From here begins his participation in important orchestras and musical groups.

Arnaldo Quintero accompanied renowned orchestras as bassists among them: El Gran Coquivacoa and Los Blancos.

In 2011 he joined the Los Adolescentes orchestra not only as a bassist but also as a conductor. In 2015 he made his first album at the helm of the group entitled

Indestructible. An album that gave them the Certificate of Recognition for participation in the International Salsa Festival Miami. 

Exceptional voices 

The image and voice of this project depend on four contemporary singers. That, in addition, to having incredible voices they have academic knowledge that gives solidity to this new proposal. 

Renzo Romero is one of the four members of the group Los Embajadores. Descendant of a family of musicians, he has had an excellent career in music since the age of four, performing bagpipes and other genres, participating in Venezuelan choirs and festivals.

Leonardo Leal has been in connection with music since he was 10 years old. She began singing professionally with local groups from her hometown of Cabimas, Venezuela.  He was also part of the renowned band Icarus, where he had the opportunity to be recognized nationally.

Ronald Gomez was born in Caracas and is one of the most respected young soneros in Venezuela. He was raised in a family of musicians, began singing from an early age, and was part of important orchestras such as Chiki Sala and Bailatino.

Joseph Palacios is also part of the line of singers of Los Embajadores. He joined as a vocalist in the National System of Symphony Orchestras of Venezuela and at the age of eight, he won the Cantaclaro festival. In addition to that, he also has experience as a vocal coach and audiovisual producer.

Endure over time

 The vision of Los Embajadores is to leave a mark with the salsa genre, nurturing the classic sounds where they will capture the essence that characterizes them so much to remain current in the music market.

Currently, the orchestra resides in the city of Miami where it is preparing its new material, which expects to be premiered in the course of 2021.



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