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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Metropolitan Manila Area, Philippines Dec 9, 2021 ( – The start of Metaverse will create the new kind of Internet Web 3.0 as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg rebranded FB into Meta for something obvious. The giant is preparing to take over into the metaverse as well!


Many believe that the Metaverse war will start anytime soon to take over the new universe of doing things. The reason to prepare today is for that very future of tomorrow’s dawn age of metagerse.


Other Giants as well had joined the race into Metaverse by changing their web 2.0 structure into Blockchain. Kickstarter is pursuing Blockchain to push their platform into the metaverse. It is that very sign that the IoT (Internet of Things is heading into the MoT (Metaverse of Things).


Metaverse only worked well in the decentralized ecosystem while it is not so effective in the centralized so why not build the next adoption. Something that can work with both cross-chain is called the Axentralized.


Metavorz on the other hand envisioned the Bitcoin of the Metaverse where there is this centralized fiat and decentralized Bitcoin to build the Axentralized. In able for it to work it needs the believers of freedom as we believe sometimes that money should be free to hassle and so is the people.


Metaverse is speculated to be the multi-trillion dollar industry in the future. Hoping it will replace then inter or at least upgrade it is what the people are observing.


Metavorz $META will have its last IDO on November 14, ending on December 17th for listing in QuickSwap. Airdrop will be over on the same date as the last IDO start.


The team decided to list it in major exchanges as well including Kucoin after hitting the coinmarketcap.


The project’s aim is to open a whole new Universe for the Metaverse built by the people for the people.


The Meta Wars is something to look upon as soon Metavorz will have its own ranking site for that.


As the project forward Vitalik Buterin the Founder of Ethereum becomes the Host of META by owning around 50% of the 100 Billion Supply.


Vitalik Buterin owned half of the Metavorz $META in the Polygon, and at the same time, it is also the first of the META symbol to be seen in all of its wallets across all Mainnet Chain. Check it out! in Blockscan



Metavorz’s first project is Vorz, a crypto-powered social network with its own dedicated NFT Marketplace. It will be open for beta in android this month and will be available on iOS in January 2022. The NFT Marketplace will be booted for beta around February 2022.


Vorz App is a crypto-powered social network powered by the META token that will be scaling in the Polygon Network because of low gas fees in minting thinfa into ita NFT Marketplace.


The META Governance Utility Token will power the whole Metavorz Evosystem. That will be used in the NFT marketplace and Vorz App.


Today the people will build the next Metaverse of Things starting with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. The next step will be the A.I and Quantum Technology advancement to build the next web 4.0.


Come Join the Builderships program and Build With META!











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