Aryacoin Revolutionizes The Crypto World With Its Afraswap Token


Afraswap, created by Aryacoin, allows multiple avenues to invest and earn profits on crypto holdings for the users, and they believe Afra would be one of the top DEX” s soon.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- London, England Nov 24, 2021 ( – AfraSwap offers multiple features to its valuable investors. One of them is AMM Swaps: Afraswap’s AMM works like other standard AMM swaps, harnessing the power of liquidity to make the markets. 

Next is Aggregation Protocol: As most swaps work through AMM and operate their liquidity pools, there is always a high chance of a price difference between prices on each swap. Usually, these price differences are minor and usually overlooked, but these can create losses for active traders and investors over time.

Moreover, Afra Tokens are the Governance and Afraswap’s native token. These allow users to take part in voting by creating proposals or voting on active proposals. To make it interactive and useful, the team has incorporated Farms and Pools: They are a core part of Afraswap; they allow yield farming by staking their Liquidity Provider Tokens and stake their Afra tokens in pools to earn Afra Tokens.

For their client’s convenience, they focus on Governance and security, which they believe are two major pillars for any Decentralized application to stand on. These provide transparency for the users and allow users to be aware of anything happening with the project that directly or indirectly affects them.

Lastly, along with Farms, Pools, Liquidity Pools, Afraswap offers a few games to allow users to win huge prizes using BNB. The lottery is a simple game where the user can buy lottery tickets with specific numbers; each lottery runs for a specific amount of time. The results are generated through the widely used ChainLink VRF and Random Number Generator, allowing decentralized applications to generate truly decentralized randomness. The price prediction game allows users to predict the BNB price every 5 mins; the user can predict the price of BNB every 5 mins and win the prize pool based on the amount they bet and if their guess is correct. 

About Afraswap: It is the new age decentralized cryptocurrency exchange created by the Aryacoin Team to enable and offer users the decentralized and the most secure exchange experience throughout multiple blockchains. 

Currently, AfraSwap is in the final stages of testing and will be launched soon. To join the AfraSwap community, interested crypto enthusiasts must visit their informative blog and enjoy their perks!


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