Play-to-earn game Troverse is dropping an NFT collection of 10,000 unique planets

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Vancouver, British Columbia Nov 19, 2021 ( – It’s finally time to officially unveil the Big Bang – and what comes after! Troverse is ready to meet the world – an ambitious NFT collection with multi-dimensional economic functionality that aims to push the boundaries of what play-to-earn has been able to do so far. While that’s a tall order, Troverse has the content to back it up.

The team behind Troverse doesn’t believe in empty promises of potential future usability – the game exists, and the devs are committed to long-term development and improvements. As the evolution of our universe, it won’t all happen at once but over time – and Troverse is now starting at the very beginning by releasing the initial NFT collection of 10,000 unique planets a few weeks from now.

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Players will be able to own them, travel on them, and explore them to find various NFT treasures and resources in the game environment. The planets are a pivotal element of the Troverse game – they form the unique universe that players will be able to explore and discover.

Play-to-earn and more

The idea of a play-to-earn game is becoming somewhat standard in the world of NFT gaming, but Troverse is taking it a step further – the game will combine play-to-earn, play-to-collect, and own-to-earn features. The ownership of the planets will be important here too – while anyone will be able to play, even without owning one, there are some pretty huge benefits to having one or more of these epic planets.

First off, owners get early access to the alpha build of the game that will follow not long after the initial NFT sale – and when everyone gets access, owners will have the advantage of having a ‘headquarter’ on their planet and being able to charge other players to use the facilities there, as well as earning a share of the profits generated on there. Of course, planet owners will also have early access to future sale events as they happen!

Changing the game

Troverse is more than just a collection of NFTs with a few added features – the plan is to dominate the space of NFT gaming by building and maintaining a lively, stable economy around the NFT planets. The team behind Troverse is actively challenging the boundaries of what play-to-earn gaming can do at the moment, and it’s certain that Troverse will change the proverbial game in more ways than one.

This high-profile planet collection sale is the first step Troverse is taking into the public before it will continue along with the roadmap once the planets have been released. Owners and fans can look forward to an alpha game release next year, not long after the initial sale and Galaxy Explorer are released, while the public beta will be ready a few months after that.

Now, if you’re wondering what you can expect from the game – Troverse is a vast universe that players can discover in a third-person space exploration survival game built with Unreal Engine. Players can visit various planets, gather resources, collect treasures – and mint new NFTs, of course!

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