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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Metropolitan Manila Area, Philippines Nov 17, 2021 ( – The age of blockchain accelerated the tour de force in the metaverse digital world marking the meta rush of all time after the announcement of Facebook into Meta rebrand by the CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

This created a big wave inspiring the masses of talent into building the next Metaverse of Things.

The crypto kids of the internet started their revolution to step up and build something metaverse. A future of Virtual Reality that hangs in the hands of the blockchain things, in the NFT and DeFi which created the next boom of cryptocurrency.

The Metavorz in which is something to look upon is the future of all things digitally and physically attached by the people as a working cog, and not just products as some claimed to be biased. An interesting concept that some of the meta-left-wing are imposing on the internet of things.

People started to become weary of their information and data, because of privacy invasion, and so on the reason, these crypto kids fight back for the soul of the metaverse.

Others believed that the Metaverse only works with decentralization and is not so effective in the centralized ecosystem. Axentralized is a new kind of system that will be the future as some futurists expect it to be.

The Metavorz will be aiming a different route as the crypto vorgz aimed to build the next metaverse with Non-Fungible Tokens, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance, Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Quantum Technology to build the next Metaverse of Things throughout the whole metaverse evosystem (Evolution System).

Within this timeline, all things that can be seen as a store of value will be going to the digital world especially NFT as the market itself will be flooding with artists and digital ownerships opportunity.

Metavorz is a gateway to metaverse that opened the gate for every talent to join the Build With META vision. The aim is to gather the right people to build their own metaverse which is not so centric but yet not so decentric fighting for the Metaverse.

The soul of the metaverse is building the next web 3.0, and a blockchain city in the future called Ophir smart city of the far east.

Metavorz burned 20,000,000,000 (META) to Vitalik Buterin’s wallet on November 17, 2021. That’s roughly 20% of the total supply of 100 Billion META. META Burn 20B!

As of today, the Metavorz symbol $META is the only token that has the symbol of META all across Vitalik’s mainnet wallet prior to writing the article.

Blockscan explorer of ETH, BSC, Polygon, HECO, FTM, Arbis, and Snowtrace. META symbol in Vitalik’s official wallet. 

Metavorz is a combination of real projects and memes attached working together to build a stronger bond for everyone in the metaverse to adopt the meta ecosystem efficiently.

A combination of meta to experiment on a newer system to come is the key point to it. Something that will be called the Axentralized, a combination of both decentralized and centralized at the same time.

The project metaverse will open up the Gateway to Metaverse and web 4.0 starting from the web 3.0 of today.

Speculation believed that Quantum Computer will be used and able to hack all IoT soon as the metaverse grows up. Project metavorz aims to prepare for that sooner than later.

Today we can see how the people build the next metaverse as co-founders on their own Blockchain projects and not just products marking the age of Hexagon and Metatron.

That futuristic route is an absolute path for the advancement of things Metaverse in the future of META built by the crypto kids called metavorgz.







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