5 Reasons Why Online Speech Therapy is Better than Traditional Therapy

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Michelle Moyal MS CCCSLP

Technology has allowed families access to more services created by the challenging global environment.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Nov 16, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Online speech therapy is no exception. The ability to connect remotely to a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) with more flexibility is a convenience that provides many benefits in comparison to traditional speech therapy. 


Yet, does online speech therapy yield the same results as in-person therapy? Research from Kent State University (2011) and one from the Ohio Department of Public Health (2011), both with similar findings, have shown that the answer is yes. Teletherapy is an effective and valid service delivery method and there is now a strong body of evidence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) that online treatment for speech therapy disorders works.

So why should parents and caregivers choose speech therapy online versus traditional methods? Not only is online speech therapy more readily available, but it is also worth investigating for a variety of reasons. The following are five benefits of online speech therapy for speech and language issues:


  • No Travelling: Therapy happens at your home or office. You can utilize the time you would have spent driving to the speech therapist to complete another task in your hectic schedule. In addition, people with mobility issues don’t need to worry about a difficult commute, and they still have access to a certified expert in their needs.
  • Convenient Scheduling: Online speech therapy allows you to access therapists with more flexibility in scheduling sessions. There are simply more time slots available whether that’s in the mornings, evenings, or even during the weekend that families can attend. Traditional therapy offices are often only open the standard 9-5 business hours, and most parents are still at work.
  • Stay in a Comfortable Setting: Professional speech therapy services are available to children with speech and language challenges in the comfort of their own homes. Your child should feel more at ease because the lesson will take place in a familiar environment. Professionals can also attend sessions online from the comfort of their office, whether in or out of the house. 
  • Affordable Quality Sessions.  Online speech therapy is a lot less expensive (no hefty rent, overhead, and administrative fees for online practices, so savings are passed on to clients). This makes it much easier for families to afford high-quality speech therapy whether their insurance declines covering services, provides inadequate coverage, or out-of-pocket costs of many traditional providers are way too expensive. 


Parental Involvement Increases with Online Speech Therapy

At the same time, parents and caregivers will be involved when watching the sessions with a child to learn speech therapy strategies. This makes their own at-home efforts more successful. Online sessions with the speech therapist can also be recorded for later viewing and home practice. Progress children make when parents are involved in speech therapy and using techniques throughout the day has proven to be a highly effective way to enhance progress towards goals and even graduating early from speech therapy. 

A Parent’s Opinion

With families unable to access services for their children and loved ones, many families turned to online speech therapy. One parent spoke of her initial hesitation to choose online speech therapy for her son with a severe speech disorder. She has since seen the advantages: 

“I hadn’t expected that he would be motivated to work with the speech therapist using technology. Yet over the sessions, my son really enjoyed using music videos, online books, and other fun games to make progress with how many vowels he uses. We are so happy with the way online speech therapy worked for us.”

A Choice for Families

Every one of us is unique, and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment or intervention solution for everyone. To put it another way, what’s best for your family might not be best for others.

However, the research is clear and the benefits are real for families – online speech therapy for children and adults is as effective as in-person therapy at helping improve speech and language skills.  Families wanting more convenient, affordable and quality alternatives to traditional speech therapy should try online speech therapy to see if it is right for them. 

About the Author: Michelle Moyal, M.S. CCC-SLP:

Michelle received her Master’s in Speech-language pathology from The City University of New York, Brooklyn College. She has treated children in early intervention and elementary schools as well as adults in nursing facilities and home health. Michelle is the Founder and Clinical Director of Therapy Works Together, which provides access to affordable online speech therapy. She is dedicated to assisting people in realizing their strengths and believing that they can “embrace their special.


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