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Ases Ecological and Sustainable Services, through its subsidiary Nat5 Restoration Fund, today announces its unique climate action exchange Nat5.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Middletown, Delaware Nov 12, 2021 ( – Enacting real change and allowing cryptocurrency enthusiasts of all kinds to contribute to a green world, the NaT5 Restoration Fund has recently announced the launch of its unique climate action exchange, Nat5.

This exchange offers a special marketplace for cryptocurrencies and “treeders” sharing a common goal of climate action. A percentage of the money raised on the exchange will go towards planting trees in GHG-hit areas, with CEO Guillermo Hinojos Mendoza saying “The goal is to plant at least 10 million trees to combat climate change and make the crypto world part of the fight for massive climate action.”

To emphasize its uniqueness, Dr. Hinojos says the company’s Nat 5 exchange veers in an authentic path different from alternatives by solely focusing on climate action through reforestation and ecological restoration.

Nat5 is an all-inclusive trading platform incorporating the company’s crypto, known as Natcoin, as well as many other climate-conscious cryptocurrencies traded today. In keeping with the vision of the company, the exchange offers a green reward for your transactions to achieve its objective of sustainable climate action. This concept is called “treeding”.

Particularly, for every four operations you conduct on Nat5, the company will plant a tree. This offer stands no matter the type of cryptocurrency involved, meaning traders with a love for a greener tomorrow are more than welcome to do their part for society. 

In 2020, the levels of carbon dioxide in the world rose to new heights, higher than ever before, reaching a staggering 417 parts per million and counting. With our planet on the verge of the biggest greenhouse emission problem since time immemorial, it’s time for crypto lovers to rise up and do their part to ensure the future for posterity with the environment-friendly exchange Nat5.

The Nat5 exchange is open to treeders from all corners of the globe. You can sign up via a simple and secure KYC process after which you can transact in digital assets, hence making money while chipping in the green cause at no extra cost to you.

Moreover, Nat5 has incorporated the latest in AI-powered security measures, and complies with data laws and policies, including the GDPR among others, to ensure personally identifiable information is kept safe and secure for its users at all times. These security measures are driven by machine learning, enabling Nat5 to secure its market and traders’ PII with impenetrable firewalls that stay ahead of the latest threats.


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