How One Company’s Core Values Provide a Better Experience for All

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Kyran Jones

(Spin Digit Editorial):- San Francisco, California Nov 12, 2021 ( – From the inception of any business, there should be a clear idea of company ethos and beliefs. These core values can make all the difference for both its employees and clients. For one company, The Hello Group, it wasn’t much of a challenge to decide on these specific core values, which included setting a next-generation standard for care within the entertainment industry. 


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“We believe in the importance of maintaining a next-generation mentality while pioneering a new age of management, digital services, and content development. Not only is it important to us but also to the members of our team that we’ve added over the years,” said Kyran Jones, the Chief Operating Officer of an international entertainment company, The Hello Group. “We make sure to sign new talent based on each individual’s talent and passion for what they do. We want to sign talented and passionate people who care about what they’re doing. Our goal is to have a mutually beneficial working relationship where our talent is equally as passionate about us as we are about them. We believe the best way to make that happen is to make our core values clear while prioritizing the needs of our clients.”


The upfront and honest nature of the business makes it a more than desirable management company for artists seeking representation. Since its roots were founded in 2016, The Hello Group has already accomplished significant goals and achievements. Including being involved in 33 Billboard #1 hits and 28 golden/platinum records. The company and its roster of talented artists have also been the recipients of dozens of internationally acclaimed awards. In addition to the incredible success, The Hello Group has worked with leading brands within the industry, including YouTube, Instagram, Adidas, TikTok, MTV, DreamWorks, and many more.


“Because our core values are so important, we like to partner with brands and individuals that share those same values. It allows us to achieve much more in the long run,” shared Jones. “We have a team of youthful, driven visionaries and top industry executives with decades of experience in the entertainment industry. The combination of talent that we have on our team goes unmatched. We’re all patient and talented in different ways, making us such a strong group of people to help navigate business with different brands. We take a fresh and flexible approach to provide services without going against our core values. As a result, we continue to build strong relationships with brands while they utilize the unique talent we have available for them.”


As the company continues to advance and expand within such a short period, Kyran Jones has high expectations of working with even more talented individuals and brands that share similar values and want to express the right message to the public. Learn more about The Hello Group and the mark it’s making on the entertainment industry on Instagram @TheHelloGroup or check out their site at

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