Audience Creation — Audientum’s Proprietary 8-Step System Set to Help Coaches Achieve 6-Figure Launches

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Anza Goodbar  Founder  CEO Audientum LLC

Data-driven methodology creates fast-tracked launches and leads for entrepreneurs

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Denver, Colorado Nov 12, 2021 ( – Recently launched data-curation company, Audientum, is ready to take the coaching world by storm. Harnessing the power of over 1500 data points to create custom audiences built for coaches, marketers, and entrepreneurs looking to target their messages to the right people, Audientum bypasses confusing algorithms to give creators a better opportunity for lead generation that is unlike any other methodology in the industry, launching small business owners into 6 or 7 figure results. 

Formed by serial entrepreneur, Anza Goodbar, Audientum fills an urgent need in the coaching industry. Many business owners spend too much time talking to the wrong people, failing to understand the persona behind their ideal clientele. What’s more, the ever-changing algorithms associated with social media make it increasingly difficult to reach the right audiences, leaving many coaches struggling to connect with the clients who need them most. 

Audientum helps coaches and entrepreneurs learn who they should be speaking to by defining their custom avatar: a highly customized client profile. Rather than allocating time and money on ad campaigns that can see up to 30% of ad spend wasted on bots or fake accounts, the Audientum system curates data inaccessible within social media ad platforms to create custom audiences that can be used for converting more paid leads into buying customers. These revolutionary data points are not available to the average marketer, meaning that tapping into Audientum’s system can produce life-changing results for small business owners. 

Goodbar is a 7-time Amazon best-selling author and creator of The 6-Figure Life & Business Blueprint. She’s worked with clients such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble, in addition to owning three separate 8-figure businesses. With Audientum, her goal is to help other entrepreneurs cut through the noise and reach their goals with a business strategy designed specifically for their needs. This offering is currently unlike any other in the industry and is an exceptional value for those struggling to grow their coaching businesses. 

“Small business owners no longer have to pay Facebook to learn who their ideal clients are or waste money advertising to fake accounts,” said Goodbar. “Audientum’s high-performing audiences take the guesswork out of who sees your paid ads and helps you convert 40% more leads into paying customers.” 

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