Passion in Finance turned investment enthusiasts into the Founder of ‘KCS Invest’- A financial advisory Company

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“When you turn your passion into a profession, it indeed helps in guaranteed success,” says Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Founder of KCS Invest

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Delhi, India Nov 8, 2021 ( – In the world where financial stability has become crucial after the first few waves of the pandemic, it is evident that today’s youth have not yet lost their morale and are still working hard towards moving from being an employee to an entrepreneur, While initially, they know that they wouldn’t be able to earn as much as what they are being offered by traditional jobs, but they are ready to risk it all in hopes that their hard work will be paid off in abundance in the future. One such hardworking entrepreneur is Mr. Gaurav Sharma, who has recently Founded ‘KCS Invest’.  

When we asked Mr. Sharma more about him and his company, he mentioned. “I was always fascinated about how the financial market works and this inspired me to actively keep on investing in equity shares and somehow with trust in my analysis, I kept making a substantial profit. Slowly I started helping my friends out with their investment plans as well and there came a time when it was evident that I need to take this to the next level and help as many people as I can. I named this company after my grandfather Mr. Kumresh Chand Sharma, as he was the true inspiration who had always motivated me to keep my head higher and do some work which can help others.”

When asked in more detail as to how they can help people through their company, he added. “There are many people who are interested in investing their money to get better returns than they can get from FD’s and Mutual Funds. They are curious to get into the financial markets but due to lack of advice, are not able to do so. Through my company, we aim to help these individuals by curating a perfect plan based on their need and ability to invest, hence we could strategize a plan which could help them get the best of results and it would lead to them earning more than what they were anticipating in the first place”. Through KCS Invest, Mr. Gaurav Sharma and his team are aiming to encourage today’s youth to invest in the financial markets as they are certain to give them bigger returns in time of need. 


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