GDP per capita of the Dominican Republic has increased from $2,460 in 2003 to $7,740 in 2021

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What are the most common real estate markets Juri Franchi

WLHRE illustrates why the Dominican Republic is one of the best real estate markets in the world

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic Nov 5, 2021 ( – The new report, written by the manager of construction and real estate Juri Franchi, analyzes what the real estate market is, its characteristics, how it works, and its implementation in the Dominican Republic.

How does the real estate market work

The real estate industry plays a very significant economic role and is becoming increasingly international. 

It has a great influence on other sectors, such as construction, and also indirectly affects other industries, like furniture, decoration, services, etc.

Real estate investment is one of the actions taken relating to the functioning of the real estate market

Dominican Republic real estate market

Investing in the real estate market is the option that investors choose to generate a financial gain in the long term. 

This huge market can be divided into the following types: 

  • Commercial real estate (property used solely for business purposes);
  • Industrial real estate;
  • Tourism real estate (homes and hotels);
  • Residential real estate.

The last one is the most common type of estate and consists of housing for people, including homes, apartments, chalets, etc.

Considering those different types, location is a key factor in real estate transactions. 

They have grown exponentially in the Dominican Republic in recent years. This is mainly due to the increase in the country’s wealth. 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) indicates that the average GDP per capita of the Dominican Republic has increased three times, from $2,460 in 2003 to $7,740 in 2021. 

Investments in the Dominican Republic mainly focus on the Residential and Tourism market.

The five projects of WLH RE are residential complexes of villas with all the amenities that tenants look for in a property. 

WLHRE returns range from 5% (fixed) to 7% (variable).

Foreign investors benefit from returns that are hard to find in other countries, such as customs tax exemptions for some sectors. 

Investment facilities make the Dominican Republic an attractive, low-cost destination. 

Real estate encouraging data confirms the boosting trend in recent years, ranking as one of the best industries in Central America. 


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