Newtum Creates Fast-selling Cryptocurrency Course on Udemy

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Leading online training academy, Newtum, announces the launch of a course on digital currency titled “How to Create A Cryptocurrency,” which has continued to do good on Udemy

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra Nov 4, 2021 ( – Newtum, an innovative provider of technical education to all age groups, is staying true to its goal of “helping adults become better leaders while prepping kids for a future that doesn’t exist yet!” as the academy recently launched a new course on Udemy teaching cryptocurrency. Titled “How to Create A Cryptocurrency,” the course is designed to take students through the process of being a major player in the evolving digital currency space by making them creators as opposed to just consumers.

The global blockchain space continues to evolve, thanks to the emergence of futuristic solutions for different categories of businesses and individuals. In a related development, more professionals, especially developers, are needed to create groundbreaking crypto-based solutions. Unfortunately, many of the available resources are not particularly comprehensive enough to meet the learning needs of budding as well as experienced professionals. However, Newtum seeks to change this narrative with the How To Create A Cryptocurrency course.

The course stands out for its all-inclusive and engaging approach, delivering highly animated content with great design to aid the understanding of participants. Like other courses from Newtum, How to Create A Cryptocurrency is carefully divided into small and precise videos to enable students to follow the process with relative ease.

The content of the course include:

  • Understand Blockchain
  • Planning your Coin
  • Getting and Modifying the Source Code
  • Creating the First Genesis Blockchain
  • Building Your Coin (Like Litecoin or Bitcoin)
  • Setting your Explorer
  • Creating Mining Pool for your Cryptocurrency
  • Mining Your Own New Cryptocurrency
  • Generating Desktop Wallet For Your Cryptocurrency

The goal of Newtum is to reduce the knowledge gap in the cryptocurrency space, helping businesses to improvise their process leveraging blockchain while individuals get an understanding of how to create a cryptocurrency, like the Bitcoins and Litecoins of this world.

For more information about How To Create A Cryptocurrency and other initiatives from Newtum, visit – Newtum can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

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