IVF Media Ltd Acquires Mack Publishing Ltd Owner of Fertility Road Magazine

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IVF Media Ltd is proud to announce that it has acquired Mack Publishing Ltd, the company behind the global media brand Fertility Road Magazine.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Nov 3, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – IVF Media Ltd; (ivfmedia.org) the international media group behind several fertility media brands has acquired Mack Publishing Ltd and their related digital and print assets which include Fertility Road Magazine.

Launched in Spring 2010, Fertility Road Magazine is Europe’s first consumer print magazine for the fertility community and quickly established itself as the leading and longest-running fertility publication and media business across the globe with readers from Europe, North America, Asia, and India.

In 2014, Fertility Road Magazine launched its groundbreaking global Fertility Journeys Initiative, the first of its kind which offered free fertility treatment to couples and individuals. Backed by multiple fertility clinics and their experts the Fertility Journeys has resulted in over 30 babies being born and counting.

Owners Tone and PJ Jarvis-Mack commented, “The incredible thing about Fertility Journeys is that readers can empathise with every couple. It’s not just to do with those who, in the end, achieve the baby they have craved – it’s the ups and downs, the positives and the pitfalls. We’ve had such tremendous feedback from readers because they love the fact it’s a truly exposed and candid reflection of what really happens when treating fertility problems.


Over the last decade, Fertility Road Magazine has kept to its core philosophy of putting patient care and support at the heart of its business.

“Fertility Road Magazine is more than just a business. We have spent the last 10 years of our lives meeting amazing people and helping countless numbers of couples and individuals navigate their way to starting or extending the family.”

“As you can imagine, parting with something that has been an integral part of our lives for over 10 years was not an easy decision to make.  Having spent several months working closely with Jakub and Alex from IVF Media we knew, like any proud parent, that our baby is all grown up and ready to move on to the next stage of its life with the IVF Media team,” commented Tone & PJ Jarvis-Mack.

IVF Media Ltd which owns several well-known media brands including Egg Donation Friends and Fertility Clinics Abroad said:

Thanks to the sensitivity, hard work, and commitment of Tone and PJ, patients have received exceptional support from Fertility Road Magazine over the past decade. We treat their personal and what was certainly not an easy decision with the greatest of respect and responsibility. 

Our family is once again growing. In January 2019, FertilityClinicsAbroad.com joined us. We are proud, happy, and also touched that we will be able to develop a brand that has supported thousands of patients. 

As a former patient, I fully understand the importance of support during the Fertility Journey. IVF Media’s mission is “We help and inspire fertility patients”, therefore, the decision to acquire Fertility Road was very difficult on one hand (because it involved a unique, legendary brand known worldwide), and on the other hand natural (because it will allow us to fulfill our mission on a larger scale). 

We remember the 2019 announcement by Mack Publishing Ltd to cease publication of Fertility Road Magazine. We felt a sense of sadness at the time as if an era had come to an end. But today, after 2 years, we can say with certainty that it was just a vacation. Fertility Road Magazine will be back in 2022!

What will be the road of Fertility Road Magazine in the future? It will very much depend not only on us but also on the team that we build. We have made the decision to establish an Advisory Board to which we will invite those for whom supporting TTC couples is of real value. We are extremely pleased to announce that Tone and PJ have accepted our invitation to this Board. 

IVF Media Ltd is an international media group that supports patients suffering from infertility and clusters clinics or experts who specialize in vitro treatment. We create professional internet platforms dedicated to different aspects of reproductive medicine such as in vitro fertilisation, egg and sperm donation, treatment abroad, and many more.


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