Achi blockchain has reached 10 PiB of unique network space in 10 weeks after the launch.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- San Francisco, California Oct 27, 2021 ( – Only 10 weeks after the launch Achi blockchain has reached 10 PiB of unique network space. Achi net space has been growing steadily and exponentially at an average of 5% per day. The rapid growth of net space is mainly driven by both the growing numbers of new Achi true “farmers” joining the blockchain all over the world and veteran farmers growing storage space allocated to the Achi network. Together with a growing number of “farmers” we observe the rapid growth of unique wallet addresses in the blockchain, which now exceeds 1225.


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Growing investor interest was also observed Further growth of the Achi blockchain is supported by the quickly increasing number of sale and purchase transactions during the last few weeks. According to a report by GooDTwister and Nick231 of Achi Discord on the 30th of September 2021, they have completed the first recorded transaction on the Achi blockchain. 100k ACH was exchanged for 100 USD. Thus placing the market price at 1000 ACHUSD ( 0.001 USDACH ). Further sale transactions with much higher volume and close to this price point were also observed. Based on a price point $0.001 per achi, the market capitalisation of the Achi blockchain is currently estimated at about 3 800 000 USD. This makes Achi the second largest blockchain in the Proof of Space (PoSp) and Proof of Time (PoT) sector by market capitalisation .


On the 18th of October 2021 Sten Achiho has released Achi 1.0.4 version where Achi ticker has been changed from XACH to ACH. As Sten Achiho wrote in his Reddit account – “It is important/necessary for marketing efforts. Many cryptocurrency experts know Corporate and Central Bank Cryptocurrencies are only good for buying Bitcoin. My goal is to ensure that with time this changes to “… buying Achi and Bitcoin”.

About Achi.

Achi is a new and the first truly decentralized cryptocurrency based on a Proof of Space (PoSp) and Proof of Time (PoT) consensus algorithm with independent Timelords, unique “plots” and zero pre-farm. Sten Achiho has stated only one grand goal for this project is simply The Good of The Mankind.


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